Emails to a fictional Character

Several years ago, while reading “Bad Girl” by Mario Vargas Llosa,  I opened a gmail account with the name of one of the characters.

Not quite remember why I did it, not sure I remember the password to that account, but the emails there are forwarded to my standard account.

There was no activity until a few weeks back when I started getting emails. Surprisingly, these do not appear like SPAM, but actual emails sent to the wrong address.

Now I have a dilemma, do I let the senders know it is a mistake, thus risking getting on a Spammer list, or just wait quietly till the sender figures out the mistake.


I think I will risk the Spam, I just need to figure out the password first.


Skin in the Game Part 2

Continue to reading “Skin in the Game”. As previously wrote , it continues to read like a Blog entry, or rather a collection of Blog Entries.

But nevertheless, I still enjoy reading Nicholas Taleb.
Now reading a Chapter about companies and employment. Why companies choose to have employees over contractors and the “Skin in the Game” for the employees as well as employer.

Example was given about the “Expat” status, which Taleb claims resembles Slavery. Relocating a person to a foreign country and giving a very good package/standard of living for the employee to complete a task which he is unlikely to abandon.

Love this way of thinking.

Overall employment in modern companies is one-sided, where employees get a false sense of security.
Some social countries and regulations enforce more “Skin in the Game” for companies, but there is no equality in the pain of separation and balance of power.


Naked Lunch

Not sure why, but had suddenly an urge to watch the movie  “Naked Lunch”.

As I could not find it in the Streaming platform I am using (Netflix, Amazon Prime), decided to read the book.


Roasted Coffee Laboratory

Roasted Coffee Laboratory is yet another 3rd wave coffee shop in Tokyo.

Great location and space in the Jinnan area of Shibuya. Great space where one can see how they roast the coffee.

Ordered a Jinnan Blend Pour over which was a bit disappointing hence the tone of “yet another”.

Should try it again to form a stronger opinion.




Realise the Potential

“Realise the potential”  is American Express’ slogan in Japan. 

Sounds good, but really bothers me they use “Realise” instead of “Realize”.

As far as I know (and also checked the web), “Realize” is the more common form in the US, so I found it odd that a company called “American Express” uses different spelling

Kafka – short stories

Reading again Kafka short stories translated to Hebrew.
One of my favorite stories is still “A report for An Academy” . 

Hebrew translation is obviously slightly different, but the discussion on Freedom is the part I like best


Incidentally, among human beings people all too often are deceived by freedom. And since freedom is reckoned among the most sublime feelings, the corresponding disappointment is also among the most sublime.

No, I didn’t want freedom. Only a way out—to the right or left or anywhere at all. I made no other demands, even if the way out should also be only an illusion. The demand was small; the disappointment would not be any greater—to move on further, to move on further! Only not to stand still with arms raised, pressed against a crate wall.


And a reminder that the cover uses Yosel Bergner painting that were commissioned for the series.

Brompton Cycling in Kamakura

Last week I took a day off to Cycle in Kamakura.
Started a bit late, so arrived there around 11:30AM.

Tourist information center did not have much recommendation as mentioned most cycling will be done in the main (“bus”) roads, and if the weather was warmer they could recommend cycling to Enoshima.
Never the less, received several recommendation and searched for more on the web.

Indeed, Kamakura is rather small and not challenging, but the atmosphere on a weekday and the good weather were wonderful.

A recommended cycling course next to a cycling rental shop:
most rides are 5-10 minutes

When in Kamakura, have to visit the Great Buddha, take photos and watch the visitors take photos:

Kamakaura 大仏


Kamakaura 大仏




Posing for the Camera

Kamakaura 大仏


But obviously, most important is food.

Garden House was a wonderful choice, with good food, atmosphere and welcoming staff:


Brompton in front of the restaurant. I think some visitors took a photo of it as well.


Cycled some more and ended my short trip in Verve Coffee.




The Cure – Sold out

As expected, The Cure 40th Anniversary concert, is sold out.
Planned for July 7 in Hyde Park. Had considered going there, but obviously did not do enough to plan and purchase a ticket.

JL001 Medical emergency

Flew back from SFO to HND on Thursday (PST). About 3 hours into the flight, announcement asking for a doctor or nurse to assist in a medical emergency.
This requested was repeated several times, with Cabin attendants running back and forth.

About half way over the Pacific, the pilot announced we will land in Anchorage due to the medical emergency.
Flew back (1.5hours) to Anchorage, medical team boarded the plane, took the patient and it took several more hours to fuel, get approval for revised flight plans.

Landed in Haneda at about 1AM, 6 hours after the planned schedule. As there are no public transportation at this time, we received a commitment to repay expense up to 10,000 yen.

Now, what I did not write in this post is the emotions and feelings during the flight, medical team boarding the flight and result.

As we were leaving the plan, a foreign (American?) woman, stopped and hugged several of the cabin attendants with tears filling their eyes.

I hope I will not forget this.