Pilot Custom 823

As my old MontBlanc was leaking a bit, I decided to replace it. Researched, tested and decided on a Pilot Custom 823 M nib, transparent.

The nib is great, the pen is amazing. Takes time to adjust to operating it, but it is worth it. An amazing pen, and the transparency also adds to it.

Female Photographers

Went to Tokyo Photographic Art Museum and enjoyed “The Time of Photography” very much.

While in the exhibition, I noticed I like better the works of female photographers. Now, I do not know if selection in the exhibition was better, if I have a bias towards female photographers or if they are just better.

First time (that I remember) to see works by Taguchi Kazuna (田口和奈) and Yoneda Tomoko (米田知子). And always enjoy to see works of Kawauchi Rinko (川内 倫子). I also recommend her instagram page.

Soba Tamawarai 玉笑 

Had lunch at 玉笑 and felt obliged to share my experience.

Maybe I should start with the food. Ordered only おろしそば , which tasted great. I regret not ordering more side dishes, but I really wanted to finish lunch quickly.

I fully understand the “slow food”, but there is “slow” and there is “too slow”. 玉笑 is definitely too slow.
Arrived just before 11:30 and luckily there were not many people on line. Then the staff started to call in the customers, slowly. Although there was definitely space, I had two wait about 20 minutes after getting inside. Why? The 6 customers that went inside before did not start eating yet, but just had tea and finished ordering. 20 minutes to take an order and server tea?

Ordered a 天せいろ, but was told that it was “sold out”. Did not see anyone else eating, so I guess it was “sold out” before they started. Why not tell me or mark it as “not available”?
So I ordered a おろしそば and had to wait another 20 minutes to get it. Are they so understaffed that they cannot serve 6 customers at the same time? Ate it and rushed out first. (6th in, first out).

Food was definitely good, but I will not go there again. Can just imagine what happens when it is “really busy”.

The Cure , Fuji Rock

Unfortunately, I could not go to Fuji Rock this year. I tried, enrolled, but lost the draw and decided not to do an overnight bus. I am too old for that.

Watched the concert Live on YouTube. (Thank you Softbank) . It was magnificent.

When the show ended, Robert Smith seemed like he wants to stay on the Stage, that it is difficult for him to part from the crowd. His body language showed emotions, which was very endearing.

I was not the only one noticing it, and he was asked about it in the post concert interview.
The interview has some good news for me as Robert Smith stated he would like to come back to Japan and tour it properly! YEAH!

Customer service / Sales skills

Purchased yesterday 3 sports items from Adidas Shibuya.
It was not my intention to buy Adidas, as I always try to diversify where I spend my money and brands I use.

Walked in to “Under Armour” Shibuya, a beautiful black building. Interior was rather dark, climbed the stairs to the second floor.
Two sales staff were there, the man was very muscular and busy chatting with the female sales. “Sale” items were not clearly marked, pricing was difficult to see.

Did not feel like shopping there, so crossed the street to Adidas, a very bright spacious shop. Climbed to the second floor, Items under “Sale” were clearly marked, pricing was visible. Still had questions so asked the very helpful and available staff and ended up purchasing 3 items.

Totally different experience. Is it a company culture, shop, personnel?

Another 偶然

And again, chance (or luck) surprises me.

An American friend left Japan a few years back and moved back to the US. Guess how surprised I was when I saw him and his family walking in the street.
Now, what are the chances of me being in the exact same place as there were on a Sunday afternoon.


Attachment to Perfume

The perfume I am using for more than 5 years is discontinued. Armani Mania which I loved so much, which has a bit of a sweet smell, but not too strong, not offensive.

Checked the new line of Armani code, but did not like them.
And it just occurred to me that perfume is one of the few items I have a strong attachment to. Is it about the smell, “My smell” ?

Now I have two options:
1. Find all Armani Mania I can find and purchase
2. Find an alternative
I guess I will go with number #2.

OwnLess. Small addition

Threw away a Polo Shirt with the company logo. Difficult to use as Pajamas since it is a Polo shirt and the Logo area is a bit hard and less comfortable than a T-Shirt.

Overall Summary:
Books: I do not include in the summary as less is better. Ideally, will use only digital format
Clothing: -2 . Do not have an inventory of number of shirts I have, but I plan to do when I feel I get stuck or in a need to buy

Kafka – A report to the Academy

Reading Kafka in Hebrew, probably for the 30th time or so and encountered a quote which I like.

No, I didn’t want freedom. Only a way out—to the right or left or anywhere at all. I made no other demands, even if the way out should also be only an illusion. The demand was small; the disappointment would not be any greater—to move on further, to move on further! Only not to stand still with arms raised, pressed against a crate wall.

Kafka, A report to the Academy

Translation is from a Kafka English repository

The previous sentence discussed how people see Freedom and yearn it, while the Ape is not looking for freedom, just a way out.

I find it quite relevant to our daily lives. We always love to use the word “Freedom”. A few years back I was in Phnom Penh chatting with friends and talking about freedom and human rights in Japan, when my friend said in an almost angry voice “you have no idea what you are talking about”.

We always seek freedom and talk about it, but are we ever “Free”? Shouldn’t we always look for a way? A way to lead us to a better place, a way-out from a bad place.