Nandakke Paella – 何だっけ パエリヤ

On Friday we bought 3 shrimp like, crab like creatures. They were still alive, so we couldn’t miss the opportunity of eating some fresh sea food.

Friday’s Paella is becoming a tasty custom. A short visit to Tiv Taam provides shell fish, shrimp, or whatever looks fresh and Mika cooks. Because I wasn’t sure we can cook them with the paella, we first boiled them and only then placed them on the rice (We have used the boiled water in the Paella, to preserve the juices).
Nandakke in Japanese means: “What is it?”
I couldn’t find the name of the creature we have bought. The receipt said: “Raka”, but still no information found in Google.

Hence the name: “Nandakke Paella”.






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