Sasson family, Hong Kong and Anti-Semitism

While waiting for my flight in Hong Kong Airport, I have decided to search Google for the term “Sassoon Hong Kong”. To my surprise the first link returned is an article on the Sassoon family and Opium drug trade.

Now, it is true that Sassoon family was involved in that, and it should be condemned, but the article “smells” of Anti-Semitism and belongs to White Nationalist (Racist GRoup). Quite appalling!

How do I complain to Google about this? – Link is not provided as I do not want to promote them.

In the Venetian, Macau

I am attending the WiMAX Forum Member conference in Macau, held in the amazing Ventian hotel.

Will post some photos in the near future. This place is busy! and definitely not for me. Superb room and facilities, great service, Casino I don’t use and nowhere else to go.


Engadget Japan wrote a nice piece and produced a magnificent logo following the offer made by Samsung to acquire Sandisk.

Sandisk is partially a Israeli company, following the acquisition of M-systems. (Plus, Sandisk founder is a former Israeli).
The original Japanese article Рlink 

And the Logo:

Glenlivet 15 Years Old French Oak Reserve

Just bought the above Whiskey, and I enjoy it very much. Smooth and tasty. Sorry for not describing more, but I am not a magazine critic.
My rule is quite simple, if I like it, it is good.
But it turns out other people like it as well. Whiskey Magazine gave it a gold award – Link

Let’s see if my taste buds will be correct with the next Whiskey.



Not sure this is legal, but these guys has many streaming videos of Japanese/Korean/Chinese Dramas and Movies.


We follow this Taiga Drama from NHK. Though I am sure it is not 100% true, it is quite fun to study about Samurai life, and for this Taiga Drama, the events that lead to the fall of the Shogunate, and to the Meiji Restoration.

Will try to write some more in the future.

Back in business

Was locked out for a while, I don’t know why, but managed to resolve it.

Will change to WordPress 2.6, but this may take a while.