Japan considers bigger role on economic stage

IHT article.

I have also seen an Economist analysis reviewing the recent Japanese acquisitions in the US. It does seem Japan is less affected by the recent Credit Crunch, and it ready to take a bigger role in the Global economic world.


“The dominance of American financial giants has been shaken,” said Takatoshi Ito, a professor of economic policy at the University of Tokyo. “Now the tables have turned, and an Asian country like Japan can have the role of white knight and capital provider.”

Armenian, Russian Presidents launch WiMAX network in Yerevan

Comstar launched their WiMAX network in the presence of both Armenian and Russian presidents.
This is the Link to Armenian news website.

And an Excerpt:

The creation and commercial launch of the wireless network using the 3.6-3.8 GHz frequency range was implemented by Cornet-AM, an Internet service provider in Armenia, and a part of Comstar Group. The WiMAX network, which currently comprises 24 base stations, covers the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, as well as 18 Armenian cities. Airspan Networks (US) was chosen by Comstar as a provider of equipment for the WiMAX network. Base stations are connected via proprietary and rented fiber-optic lines, as well as through radio relay channels, with the backbone based on Cisco’s equipment. The Group intends to expand the coverage zone and the backbone in the future. The total investments in the project amount to US$ 4.6 million in 2007-2008. The volume of further investments in the project will depend on the results of the launch and overall development of the telecommunications market.

Comstar’s WiMAX network in Armenia is used to provide a broad range of telecommunications services, including digital telephony, broadband internet access, data transmission, conferencing and virtual private networks (VPN) for corporate subscribers. Cornet-AM currently provides services to corporate subscribers, and Comstar intends to start servicing residential subscribers and offer voice services in the future. Earlier this year, Cornet-AM applied to the Public Service Regulation Committee of the Republic of Armenia to obtain numbering capacity of 60 thousand telephone numbers. In addition, Cornet-AM has the license to provide inter-city and international connection services for its residential subscribers. Upon the receipt of the requested numbering capacity, Comstar will be able to provide the fixed-line local and long distance telecommunications services in a package with allocated telephone numbers.

Sergey Pridantsev, President and Chief Executive Officer of Comstar UTS, commented: “The national WiMAX network is a unique project for Armenia, and one of the first projects of its kind worldwide. The network deployment enables us to offer modern communications services in the country and helps to improve the life quality of its population. Some of the citizens will be offered telephony services and broadband internet access at their homes for the first time ever. The launch of this project enables us to truly become a national telecommunications operator in Armenia.”

Ozmo devices – Bluetooth Killer?

Ozmodevices , Formerly called Hstream, are trying to kill Bluetooth.
At first, their idea of creating a PAN (Personal Area Network) looked similar to what IXI Mobile did with Bluetooth. (I used to work at IXI at that time).

But, reading more, it seems they aim to substitute Bluetooth with WiFi.


Ozmo teams with Intel to target Bluetooth – Link.

Crunchbase – Link

Whitesmoke in Korean

While surfing “The Korea Times”, I have noticed a whitesmoke ad in Korea. WhiteSmoke is a Israeli startup aiming to help individuals writing English essays/e-mails and more.

Korean screen captur:
White Smoke Korean

Dafna Boots

Dafna rubber boots are manufactured in Israel (in Kibbutz Dafna). Their website is not that good. But part of their Catalog is online.
Dafna boots are sold in Japan, both online (Rakuten) and in selected shops. Last year, I saw them being sold at Sony Plaza (I think it is now called just Plaza).

It is interesting to see a product with almost no sales/presence in Israel, but global reach (Finland, UK, Japan and many more). Can’t really say they compete with Hunter, but rather a cheaper alternative.
Rakuten Dafna boots page – link.
Screen Capture:

Dafna Boots

Children Violence by Country

The Economist is quoting a research done by WHO – HBSC – Health behavior in School-aged children.

The research covers only the following countries (Japan is not included):
HBSC 2001/02, 36 countries: Finland, Norway, Austria, Belgium (French), Hungary, Israel, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Wales, Denmark, Canada, Latvia, Poland, Belgium (Flemish), Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greenland, Lithuania, Russia, Slovak Republic, England, Greece, Portugal, Rep. of Ireland, USA, Macedonia, Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Malta, Slovenia, Ukraine.
HBSC 2005/06, 41 countries: The same countries adding Bulgaria, Iceland, Luxembourg, Romania and Turkey.
Belgium (French) is most violent while Israel is 24th, with 26% of 11 year old boys claim they were involved in at least 3 physical fights in the previous year.

MBA – Economy Downturn

Last week’s Economist had many MBA ads.

I was wondering why? Well, it is the “registration season” for MBA. But, I believe it is also related to the economic downturn. It is quite obvious that many people are going to lose their jobs, and what do you do when you cannot find a job? – try to stay ahead of the pack by studying and getting another degree in your Resume.

I searched for “MBA economy downturn”, and this is what I got:


Technion – University Ranking

The Times just published their World’s top 200 universities list. link

The Technion, “My” university is ranked 109. At first I was disappointed, but then, I browsed through the list and found out that it is not that bad.

Waseda University is at 180.
Indian institute of Technology is at 154.

BUT, not even close to Tokyo university at 19, Kyoto University at 25.