OKI WiMAX/WiFi indoor unit

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UQ Communications has announced they will use new devices, the OKI USB device and WiFi combination.

Sound like a good idea, carry a USB device around to access the Wireless Broadband network, and when you arrive at home, plug it into the router and provide Internet access to different devices over WiFi.

What I don’t understand is:

  1. Link Budget. OKI claims the USB device is capable of +23dbm,which was also certified by the WiMAX Forum . I really doubt this USB device is capable of overcoming walls and windows to provide a reasonable experience.
  2. How come only Windows is supported for the USB device? I am sure the WiFi Router is not running Windows.

UQ Communications provided a press kit which includes the manuals and some wonderful images (attached below):



Japanese Alliance to Promote Android


Nikkei reports on a new Alliance, the OESF (Open Embedded Software Foundation), to promote the usage of Android for Embedded devices of different kinds, from mobile phone to STB (SetTop Boxes), point of sale terminals and more.

The group consists of a long list of companies, among them: ARM, Fujitsu, Maxxon (for the complete list see here and here).

This is another important step for Android in Japan, as reported earlier in Asiajin , Fujitsu has already started offering Android related consulting services.

During the press conference, atmark , has demonstrated an atmark touch panel device running Android. (photo)

Alvarion's Internet Marketing

I was surprised a few days ago when Alvarion_Wimax started to follow me on twitter. It appears Alvarion has hired an Internet Marketing company to bring new ideas and methods to Alvarion’s traditional Marketing efforts.

With 7 updates, this is just the beginning, communicating with OM,  posting videos on youtube , what will follow?

From the youtube link, it is evident that Alvarion has hired Inclover to manage their web presence. I wonder how effective are these methods in the Wireless Broadband field. Anyway, I think it is a very good idea.

Airspan Earnings

I have just realized Airspan (NASDAQ: AIRN) have not released Q4 Earnings yet, with no published date for the Conference Call. 

Odd, don’t you think?

Back online

I have been away from the Internet for the last 3 weeks as my family and I have relocated to Japan. Some errands (as well as internet connection) took longer than expected and still consume a lot of my time.