Airspan UL warning

May be old news (from July), but I just bumped into it.

UL has issued a warning for Airspan Ethernet Adapter, including photos of the product. Not sure this warning has any effect on Airspan business.

However, this warning is interesting to me for another reason: How UL found out this product was not certified? Did a product malfunctioned which triggered an investigation, or was it a routine check?

If you can shed some light on UL process and warnings, please comment.

Gibson Dark Fire for $40

I wish!

Gibson website had a temporary bug (which I can’t seem to reproduce).

Luckily, I took a screen capture showing that the Dark Fire MSRP is 3600 Yen, about $40.


Twitter Spam Bots

I do not understand why Twitter does not filter simple spam bots. It appears like spam bots “ride” trending topics to offer their merchandise (or even compromising links). Every email client can filter out these simple spams, but twitter cannot?

twitter spam

Google Code Jam and Quebec

2009 Google Code Jam is announced.

But that’s not really a reason for a blog post. In the Rules section I found the following clause:

You are not a national or resident of any of the following countries or provinces: Burma (Myanmar), Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Quebec, Sudan and Syria, or anywhere where the contest is prohibited by law. Burma (Myanmar), Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria are restricted by US export controls and sanctions programs and are therefore not eligible to participate in Code Jam. Google reserves the right to relax any of these restrictions if permitted by law before the start of the Qualification Round.

It is interesting to see Quebec (Canada) in the same list with countries that are restricted by US export controls and sanctions. Google does not offer any explanation, but I found s Google Group Discussion that sheds some light.

WiBro is dying

Korean ETNews reports Korean Government discontent with WiBro operators investments.

A senior official of the Presidential Office said, “The WiBRO business is a new business where the license holders make investment with the frequencies, asset belonging to the public. But, the failure of the investment is a big trouble. The President believes that this issue should not be disregarded any longer.”

The report goes on exploring different punishment schemes, Revoking Licenses, Fines and more.

To summarize it shortly (and bluntly): Wibro has Failed!

(Via LightReading)

Axxcelera bidding for Airspan

Bizportal , a Israeli financial portal published that Axxcelera is also bidding for Airspan.

Axxcelera, a private company is operating in the same field as Airspan in both Licensed and Unlicensed bands.

According the Bizportal report:

  1. Current bid is for less than $10 Millions
  2. If Axxcelera wins the bid, the Israeli R&D site will be shut down, while the London R&D office will be integrated into Axxcelera.
  3. Around 80 employees are currently working at Airspan’s Israeli branch.

Who Will it Be? Gilat or Axxcelera? Hiroshima Page

I am not really a bing user.
Now, that I got that statement out of my system. homepage has a wonderful tribute to Hiroshima. Please note the boxes on the picture which display more information on Hiroshima (and Japan):


UQ WiMAX Service Area

One Month after the launch of UQ WiMAX network, I decided to check if I can get WiMAX at Home.

Result: NO

Below you can see UQ’s report on my area, which basically says that I will have hard time getting a WiMAX service even OUTSIDE my Home, not to mention indoor.

UQ Service

Nakahara station is about 4KM from my house and adjacent to Fuijtsu R&D facilities. Many people that UQ may target, and indeed UQ’s service is available there:

Please note the marked part stating that indoor service is not guaranteed. Exact translation is that service “may be available”, but sensitive to terrain, buildings, windows distance.

Sorry UQ WiMAX, still not convinced, still not signing for your service.

UQ Nakahara