Cisco's Starent Acquisition

The Tech blogs and news agencies are excited about the recent Cisco acquisiton.

Some newspapers discuss the sums Cisco recently paid (~$3 Billions for Tandberg, ~$3 Billions for Starent Networks), some like the LTE angle, another speculates Juniper will be hurt. From every angle, the recent acquisitions are interesting.

Tandberg: For years, Cisco supplied Video conferencing equipment, OEMed from several manufacturers, including Israeli Radvision (RVSN). What has triggered Cisco to change their business plan and buy a manufacturer? Market Growth? Deep Pockets?

Starent Network: Signals that Cisco is also going into the Wireless world. Starent equipment is indeed in the networking space, but strongly coupled to Wireless deployments.

My take: Cisco has the money (deep pockets), found the chance (economic downturn) to acquire good companies with great products and bright future. This is yet another step outside of the their core business, growing into a more diverse Corporation (flirting with Monopoly).

Hatoyama Cabinet Email Magazine – Yu-Ai

The first Hatoyama (Japan’s prime minister) cabinet email magazine was distributed yesterday. Titled Yu-Ai (友愛 -ゆうあい), which means fraternity, friendship, but also selected for the English word play of  “You” and “I”. I found it quite amusing that someone felt the need to name the newsletter.

An interesting statement which all politicians give, but few actually fullfil:

We will fundamentally change the politics of Japan in order to restore it to the possession of the people. We will realize a government led by politicians who connect with the minds of the people and who will directly reflect the people’s voices in the administration of the national government. That is, we will create a government that is led by the people of this country.

And one last thing, within the first month of Hatoyama’s cabinet, he managed to travel abroad twice, once for the G20, the second for Olympic appeal. I certainly hope he finds the time to run the country.