Open Network Lab with HootSuite

Open Network Lab is a new incubation lab for Internet based Startups.

I joined last week’s meeting with Ryan Holmes, HootSuite CEO and Japanese Shinnichi Fujikawa, founder of Movatwi.

Open Network Lab goal is to encourage innovation and Internet based Start-Ups, which may explain the 40 minutes long panel on “How Engineers can start Companies”.

HootSuite recently launched a Japanese version of their service,with the aid of Digital Garage which is heavily invested in the Twitter phenomena and related tools/services.

To me it seems Open Network Lab is the right tool for the current economic and social situation in Japan. In the past few months I have met many Engineers, Innovators excited to start their own companies, but fail in two things:

  • How to market their services to the mass market
  • How to go Global

Another Round of Layoffs in Alvarion

Israeli The Marker, reports another round of layoff in Alvarion .

Magic number this time is 170m about 20% of workforce. If this is not another indication that WiMAX is doomed, I don’t know what is. According to the article, Alvarion is expecting new projects in India as well as rural US.

What I am saying: “Reinvent yourself”.

LTE is almost there, while WiMAX couldn’t grab enough market share. Which basically means that WiMAX will stay in Niches, 3rd world markets which never deployed 3G, vertical markets, private networks, etc.

So, either Alvarion matches her size to the market, or find another market.