On Religion, or is it hate/ignorance

Just received a comment on this blog, praising Hitler and stating that what ever he did was punishing the jews.

Is the writer Muslim?  I don’t know. I know he is using a comcast address in the Washington area.

Stating that 6 Million Jews were killed as punishment for a fictional story in one of the holy books makes me really sad.

(Rejected) Comment quote and screen capture below

He was dispensing the punishment that god had promised the jews for disrespecting him as seen in the quoran. Allah had promised to punish the jews for disreguarding his orders while moses went to get the 10 commandments



Hate comment


Receiving Earthquake and Tsunami warnings which are out of my region can be quite alarming.

Around 8:10AM started to receive Tsunami warnings on my cellular phone.

Tsunami ? Where? why ? – I didn’t notice any earthquake.

Checking further showed that there was an Earthquake off the coast of Iwate, which may cause a Tsunami.

Definitely worth the alerts, yet a bit disorienting.

The image shows the alerts which provided more information on location.


Machine learning – Weeks 1-2

Really enjoying writing Matlab/Octave code for the Machine learning course.

It has been a while since I used Matlab. Was it during a signal processing course, or was it at the Air Force?

Can’t post my code, but can definitely post the result of my calculations.


Samples and Hypothesis
Samples and Hypothesis
Learning convergence depending on Alpha
Learning convergence depending on Alpha
Surface drawing of cost function
Surface drawing of cost function




Hope I can blog about this…

This blog is active for more than 5 years. Actually, active intermittently.

What I noticed is that although the traffic to my blog is almost the same level as it used to be 5 years ago, less people click on ads.

I don’t rely on ads to run my website nor do I expect to earn money, but I do want to figure it out.

Is my placement bad?

Are the ads chosen by Adsense not effective to my audience? -> How do I check that ?

Is it that users block ads or just don’t click ?


I don’t block ads, but I don’t think I clicked on one in the last month.


On Alerts

Yahoo Japan has an Alert applications which can provide Alerts to disasters, Weather as well as alerts on suspicious people.

Awareness is important. I am sure that such alerts can reduce the number of such events, as parents will report (and catch) suspicious people in the vicinity of the alert.

On the other hand, it is scary. I immediately check the location and try to figure out if my kids are in the neighbourhood.

I often hear that “it wasn’t like this back in the days”, but I truly think it is all about the availability of information.When I was a child we probably received a warning “stay away from that area, that man. he is strange”. We now get a warning about events as they happen including location.

In the image, a warning about a suspicious person, which performed some indecent act. Terms in Japanese are not clear enough to understand the nature of the act.

Yahoo alert