Noam Sheffer

It is shocking to visit a dead Friend’s twitter page and see “I’m alive” in the profile.

Noam sheffer twitter I am alive



A book by Kawakami Hiromi.

Trying to read but struggling, it is not about the language but I feel I am missing cultural knowledge.


Story managed to interest me and sweep me into a fantasy world, but I think there are some levels of complexity related to Buddhism which I don’t understand .

(Or maybe I am wrong and try to find meaning when there isn’t )


Amalie Emmy Noether

I love The Google Doodle. Especially when I study something new.


This time, it is about Amalie Emmy Noether , A mathematician which contributed to abstract Algebra theoretical physics.    Wikipedia mentions she was German and a Jew, but considering the fact she had to quit her university post due to the Nazi rules, I am not sure we can consider her German.

Inspiring story