Japanese Men allowance

News site love reporting this.


On Yahoo Japan, but source is Bloomberg

To people outside Japan, it may sound strange. An interesting news bite, but it is actually a very good economic indicator.

Less allowance means less spending on Lunch, dinner, drinking with friends. It means more frugal lunches which is a challenge recently due to price hikes.

When and how will we see the effect on Japanese economy.

Fibre Channel Data Rate

Amazing how marketing can ignore the reality and math.


Fibre Channel Data rate is completely different than the name of each generation.

In the past, 4G FC was 4Gbps, 8G FC was also about 8Gbps.

So how come 16G FC data rate is actually 14.025, 32 FC is surprising 28.05

Refer to the image below which shows future FC technology which continues to ignore math and common sense.

Why not just call it 28G FC , or in the future 56 FC ?


Fibre Channel Data rate