Ricoh GR

Wanted a quality camera for street photography.
Mirrorless, Ricoh GR II, Other…

And then decided to purchase the Ricoh GR, a bit less features than GR II, no WiFi. But much cheaper.

I carry it with me in my bag and expect to take photos (almost) every day.

First photo is the Shinjuku “installation”. It is an area which always has interesting commercials, events.

Photo is not that good; so need to improve the way I use the camera, angles, colours.
Still a lot to learn




Fukushima Pride

What should I write?

That there is a website and TV commercial to promote products from Fukushima.

That I could not find any reference to actual radiation measurements of the products, yet the website mentions it is safe.

Would like to see Fukushima restored and brought back to life, but would also like to see how it is done responsibly.




Ameba blog changed Icon

Cyber Agent’s Ameba Blogging platform was known for their “Ameba” icon.

Make sense, Ameba Blog, Ameba Icon.   When visiting Cyber Agent I already received “Ameba Water”.

Updating the iPhone application this morning I found out that the logo has changed. Still green, no longer an Ameba.




I kind of miss the Ameba

Train Experiences

Or rather a strange experience I had in the train yesterday.

Took the Yamanote line and as always put my bag on the luggage rack (網棚). Train was not busy, but different, as there were more women with children than the standard crowd. No doubt, the effect of Obon vacation.

Then, a 20 something woman appeared from behind, grabbed the ring (つり輪)I was holding and pushed me aside. Did not say a word, stared at my eyes and bowed.  Push, stare, bow. Push, stare, bow.

Short pants, tiny shirt which shows her navel. Long brown hair in pony tale. Japanese? not sure.

As she was not talking, I decided to do the same. Move aside, stare, say nothing.

People around me were not sure what they were watching, and so do I. At least I know that I do not know her, but the people around me may had other thoughts.

Getting off at my station I was concerned if she will continue and follow me. Already planned to which police station to go and what to say to the cops, but luckily she did not follow me.

She did get out at the station, looking around a bit lost and then I lost sight of her.

Hope she is well, I am a bit shaken.

Google maps – Blurred Gimpo Airpot

As I was browsing Seoul map, I had hard time finding Gimpo Airport. Searching for it, I found it is a grey area with no details. Completely blurred out.

Gimpo blurred

Was thinking it is some kind of security measure, but found out that the satellite imagery is very clear and detailed.

So, what is it ? Security ? mistake ?

Gimpo Satelite

Just for reference, you can see Japan Haneda airpot in Google map


Haneda map

Delaware , Unclaimed property

My parents received a letter from the State Of Delaware, unclaimed property, stating that they have some property of mine (stock).

I think I can guess which stock these are, and I am quite certain the entire claiming process will amount to nothing. Now need to figure out if I have the power to claim it.

-> Which may forces me to contact an accountant of a previous company which does not really exist.


Delaware Unclaimed Property