Train in the morning

Two episodes this morning:

1. A woman struggling to take the express train and staff pushes her in , head bumped by the automatic doors and she made it … Is it worth it ?

2. A guy (early 50s?) pushed me, rushing to get a seat . Is it worth it ?

Installation duration estimation

Xcode installation is stuck in “Installing – 3 minutes” for more than 20 minutes, which gives me a reason to complain about Installation estimates.

We ALL know that there is no way to really estimate it , so why do it ?
It is helpful to know the percentage of installation and what else is needed to be done, but do I really want to state at a “Installing – 3 minutes” for more than 3 minutes?  Moreover, it sometimes changes to 4 or 5 minutes, which is even more annoying.



Thom Yorke to Father christmas

Part of  “Letters Live” project, Thom Yorke wrote to Father Christmas:

His writing his simple and maybe childish, but I love the simple requests and honesty.


“i have also tried to do what i’m told but often have delighted in doing the exact opposite.
but always i have tried to give love and try not to cause hurt.”

“you send them (my kids) some hope for the future. that is very important.”

“but perhaps this year you would consider not giving any presents to oil company executives and the politicians whose influence they buy?

Fall and the four seasons

One of the topics that Japanese like to talk about are the Japanese four seasons.
6 years ago it may have tired me, but now I have accepted (immersed in) it.

Traveling to Singapore/Thailand/Taiwan and seeing only small differences between Summer and Winter I now appreciate the Japanese seasons.

The photo below is Gingko (イチョウ or 銀杏) in it’s splendour.

Gingko Splendour