Kindle on Mac OS 10.11.3

Kindle App on Mac stopped working after upgrading to 10.11.3.

Tried to run from command line; Did not run as well, without any error notification.

Luckily, reinstalling the latest Kindle App from Amazon solved the issue.

I hate it when applications fail after OS update, but what I hate more is not finding any reference on Google.


Remix mini in Japan

Still no news about Remix Mini availability in Japan.

Available in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but not Japan.

The only question is if I should wait patiently or try to buy it somewhere else and have it shipped to Japan



Found someone who sells it on, but the price is outrageous

RemixMini Japan


Amazing what 6cm of snow can cause an organised and punctual city like Tokyo.

Snow paralysed Tokyo yesterday, which was surprising but demonstrated again the Japanese perseverance.
Arrived to my station around 8:15 to find out a long line OUTSIDE the station. Realising I will not be able to take the train in the near Future, I waited 3 hours at a Cafe.

When the line outside the station disappeared I entered the station just to realise that the lines on the platform don’t really move. It took me additional 40 minutes to board the train and from there it was “relatively” easy.

Imagine long line of people waiting in the cold, rain, holding an umbrella… patiently. No pushing, no arguments. Just standing.


Twitter can provide example of such long lines:

Remix OS on Virtual Box

Considering buying a Remix Mini , but it is not available yet in Japan.

But there is a way to experience the Remix OS.

The recommended way is to use a USB and a PC an boot it to Remix OS.
Another way is to boot it on VirtualBox, which I did.

Runs well, though I do not have time to fully experiment with it.
The following thread on Reddit provides information on Mouse integration which worked very well.

VirtualBox_Remix OS - Android _



Nikon D5

Although not being sold yet, the Nikon D5 is available to hold and experience at Nikon showroom in Shinjuku L Tower .


As I am still using DX format, the Nikon D5 is not really for me. Maybe it is about time I will move on to FX format, but can’t justify the cost of the Nikon D5 and new set of lenses.


Shinjuku Marketing wall

Shinjuku station has an area for special marketing campaigns which draw sometimes a lot of attention.

This time is it a campaign by Nissen , a Shopping Catalogue company, using a boy band called NEWS.

The slogan is ”さわってみて”,  touch! with real size images of the group and real clothes which the fans can touch, open the zipper and close the zipper… which they did a lot.

My photo does not show it

Nissen 新宿


But twitter provides enough images:


One of those mornings

Which I wake up very early, go to the train, but is just does not move.

Stopping before and in each station, waiting for a long time. A ride which usually takes 20 minutes (or 30 minutes when busy), took me more than an hour.

I actually decided to get off the train, work in a nearby Caffe and return to the train later. It was a good decision.


Kanji of the Year

Photo taken during a visit to KiyomizuDera (清水寺)。
Every year, a Kanji Character is selected to represent the year that ended.

For 2015, it was 安, which means safety and represent the safety uncertainties and terror in 2015.

Thinking more about it, there is no real meaning to this Kanji of the year, but it is a nice tradition and something to discuss in the news and Friends.

Let’s hope for a Safe 2016.

清水寺 Kiyomizudera  This Year's Kanji