Chrome problems with 1Password

My 1Password extension was just disabled on Chrome which wasted about 20 minutes of my time trying to find the right updated extension and installed it correctly.

First I installed a newer version which required 1Password 4 which i do not own and only then I found the right version.

Is this really for security reasons or just trying to enforce Google webstore rules on the extensions ?

Anyway, it was a pain


1Password disabled

Amazon Sommelier

Would like to get an advice of a Sommelier when your purchase wine online ?

There is a service for that.

Amazon just launched Amazon Sommelier , a consulting service when buying wine on Amazon.

Very interesting service, but I do not think it can scale.  Available 5 hours per day and in Japanese only.

See screenshots below

Amazon Sommelier 1

Amazon Sommelier 2

Amazon sommelier 3

Hebrew “Bekef”

Was just talking on the phone with an Israeli colleague. Before he hanged he said “Bekef” in Hebrew when it struck me that it is a very different way than Japanese/Korean or other languages I know.

“Bekef” in Hebrew slang means literally “with fun”, while in this context it can mean “with pleasure”, or “my pleasure”.

Now, “My pleasure” seems like the appropriate way to end the call , but how come people in Israel use Slang?   The answer is Simple, people in Israel ALWAYS use Slang, in private and business conversations. In a way, it breaks the barriers and makes the conversation friendly.

What we gain? – Friendliness

What we lose ? – Formality


Time Zones and company expenses

As I am filling an expense report for a recent US trip, I encountered an issue. I exceed the company allowance on the day I traveled east.

It is not because I spend too much or eat extravagantly, but due to the simple fact that I traveled across the international date line. I had a meal in the airport before the flight, then I had two more meals after I arrived.
In Japan time zone, these are expenses on a different day, but as I left Sunday 17:00 and arrived Sunday 9:00AM the automatic expense report consider it the same day.

Now I have to decide if I have the power to explain it to our accountant or just delete some expenses