Why I am not reading Forbes.com

Forbes.com tells me that I cannot access their content as I am using an Ad blocker.

I fully understand that Forbes needs the ads to finance their contents, but the fact is I am NOT using an Ad block; I am using a tracking blocker.  I don’t mind getting Ads but I do not want Marketing companies track my behaviour. I do not want surf a website and an hour later get an ad for services from the same website or similar.

As I am not planning to allow trackers, it seems I will not be able to access Forbes.com.


Blocked Forbes

Leather Craft

I have recently started yet another Hobby which I really enjoy, Leather Craft.

Not too difficult, a lot of space for creativity and the results are amazing.

I now can’t explain to myself why I paid so much money for brand wallets, Leather business cases and Book Cover.


Leather Craft