Job hunting in Japan – University Graduates

While reading Nikkei Business , I encountered a university graduates job hunting survey done by Disco .

My takes from the survey:

  1. Japanese university graduates prefer to work for non-manufacturing companies
  2. They show very little interest in society, but focus more on themselves

The following list shows the ranking of companies as perceived by the university graduates. While #1 is Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ bank, actually, the top 5 are banks and insurance companies, 6 and 7 are ANA and JAL (respectively) while the first manufacturing company is Suntory at #8.  List continues with more financial companies, trade companies with Toyota at #9, Kirin at #14, Shiseido #17.

I personally find it troubling that Japanese young graduates prefer to work for financial and insurance companies which do not create nor manufacture. Moreover, most of these companies only active in Japan.

Looking at other aspects of the survey, when asked “what is the purpose of work”, the students preferred “just to live” over “pursue a dream”, “for myself” rather than “for society”.

76% do not consider changing jobs, only 27% expressed interest working outside Japan. 42% have no interest in personal success.

When your Mother spams you on Facebook

What can I do about it?

My mother is not a sophisticated user, she clicks and allows strange applications and websites to use her account, resulting in spamming her friends and Family (ME!).

Each time it happens, I try to block or mark the spammer, so I will not be disturbed again, but this is an impossible battler as my mother keeps finding new spammers.

Solution is very simple, Facebook should be in charge and better categorise spammers, or is it that Hebrew is not a high priority for them.

Facebook, please!

(As I can’t unfriend my mother)

33 Trackers

My Ghostery plug-in found 33 trackers on The Economist website.



Definitely a good reminder that there are so many companies who are hungry to collect information about me. What do I read, what are my interests, what do I buy.

And again, I am torn between the need for privacy and improving my experience.  It is annoying that 1 minutes after surfing at a leather bag website, I get on Facebook an ad for that shop.
I am sure Facebook is making a lot of money out of it, but it feels … bad.  I definitely Don’t want to reward these two companies by buying and always activating my “don’t buy that, you don’t really need this” mental plug-in.


Tanned Leather Pen case

Another step in my Leather Craft.

Moving from Book and Kindle cover, which are essentially flat to create this pen-case.
It was not easy, especially the size and the stitching at the bottom, but an important step to move to bigger things, like a Tote bag or a messenger Bag.


On “Tall” noses

Japanese call my nose “tall”, 鼻が高い, while in Israel it was referred to as big, huge.

It usually draws nice attention from Japanese, but in some cases it is a real nuisance.

Yesterday I went to an Eye Doctor to get my regular check and my nose was “in the way”.
As I put my chin on the machine, the nurse operating it pushed it to my face, crashing my nose. When she wanted to switch from right eye to left, she just moved the machine, crashing my nose again.

She obviously apologised for it, saying that my nose is “tall”, but I didn’t feel the apology was genuine.

Maybe I should warn nurses Before starting the examination

Kumamoto earthquake

As it happens, I was on a business trip to Fukuoka and Kumamoto on the day before the first earthquake. Had lunch in a restaurant near Kumamoto Castle and enjoyed seeing the many tourists experimenting with local Kyushu delicacies.


Since then, Kumamoto suffered from two main Earthquakes and countless aftershocks, heavy rains and mud avalanches.

My heart goes out to the people of Kumamoto and I wish I could do something to help.

Kumamoto Castle

Photoshoot in Kabukicho

As I was walking with friends around Shinjuku and Kabukicho, saw two photographers taking photos of a girl. Obviously snapped a few photos of them taking photos and here is one of them:


Photoshoot Kabukicho

On Culture

Spent some time last week with a friend from the US and a group of his friends who visited Tokyo.

It was a lot of fun, but it also made me tired.

Thinking more about it and trying to (over)analyse it,  I reached the conclusion that my communication style has adjusted to Japanese and Korean style. Though there are no language barriers talking with Americans, conversation flow and subjects are slightly different than what I am used to.

When my American friends were talking about Podcasts/Audible and latest Tech hype, I was like “hmmm… have no idea what you are talking about” . I read books, more interested in latest “Line Taxi” features than what Uber is doing.

When my friends were puzzled with Japanese efficiency, I complained that it is difficult for me to travel to the US.

Cannot imagine what Japanese feel when they chat with American or when they travel the US, but I am sure it is more than what I do.

It feels great being able to chat in Japanese with Izakaya owner, in English with my American friends and gossiping in Hebrew with my friend.


Groupon Spam

At least 10 times I asked Groupon to STOP sending me emails, but I keep on getting them.

I find this is a very bad business practice to spam and to ignore my requests.

And again, I will ask to stop sending me emails, but this time I will also instruct gmail to direct those directly to the Trash.