On the kindness of strangers

I often wonder on the Kindness of Strangers and how I can reward them back. Basically, I cannot. Strangers will stay strangers, un-rewarded.

A few days ago my blood pressure dropped while taking the train and strangers assisted me , took care of me and expressed real concern.
A few minutes later, I felt better, thanked whoever I could and walked away.

I will probably never meet these people, and even if I did I doubt if I will recognise them nor if they approach me.

Thank you strangers

Fibre Channel is dying

Not dead yet, and still playing a major role in Enterprise storage, but yes, definitely declining.

You can doubt Ethernet marketing pitch  , but you can’t ignore the fact that Emulex was sold to Avago  and Qlogic is considering the same strategy .

I would assume Avago (Broadcom) will not buy Qlogic, so the question who will ?  Which company has an interest in Qlogic products ? As FC is not that interesting as a long term strategy, it will be about Ethernet NIC technology.
My guess is that one of the Ethernet switch Vendors will be interested to expand their presence from Switching only, to the NIC cards and End to End solution.
As server OEMs do not want to lock-in with one technology supplier, I would assume an Ethernet switch vendor will try to expand their solutions.
Cisco already have servers , will they consider locking-in with Qlogic?