Cavium to acquire Qlogic

In my previous post Fibre Channel is Dying, I mentioned rumours of Qlogic looking for a buyer, and they finally did.

It was just announced that Cavium is acquiring Qlogic , for $1B.
This is inline with my guess that a Silicon switch vendor will make the move to provide an Ethernet end to End solution.
Not surprisingly, Qlogic stock went up (to match the acquisition value) while Cavium went down.

Will be interesting to see how Cavium integrates Qlogic and what will be the focus.


Website gone

A website I used to host in Godaddy has gone.

I was properly notified, was told I needed to purchase a plan and migrate the website.

godaddy website

But I don’t like it.

The website had no content, but just a placeholder. Yet now Godaddy force me to purchase a plan to host this page. Migration is scary, what will happen to DNS entries for mail. Hosted by Google, they also want to charge me money for a service I received free.

So the economy of “Free” is becoming “free until we decide differently”. I own websites which gladly pay for hosting, but I definitely do not want to pay to host an empty page. Godaddy could at least offer me free migration to a minimal plan.

Gini Coefficients

Latest issue of the Economist features a discussion on State stipends  , but what caught my eye is a table of Gini Coefficients and changes from 1985 to 2013.

Not surprising, inequality is the trend. If Sweden was more equal 30 years ago (around 0.2), it is now 0.28. Better than OECD average, but definitely a decline.

Notice that the trend is uniform as well as the OECD average. Japan, which was considered a rather “equal” country, is NOT. And even a bit worse than the average.

Gini Coefficients

Digging into additional (old) OECD numbers , show the same trends, with Israel being even worse than Japan, and not much better than the US.

Is there something I can do about this ? Probably not, but let me think some more.