Pokemon Go in Japan

Spent 10 minutes “playing” this game, and  I can conclude I don’t need to play more of it.

Not surprising, it is the #1 downloaded game in Japan, with related applications in #2 and #3 .

Pokemon Go Japan

A few more things I realised:

  1. Cannot be played in the Train during commute, so loss of important playing time
  2. Big Data and location based information is amazing.  Around my neighbourhood and even on a top of a mountain I could find reference points with photos.
    As I guess nobody entered the information manually, I can just assume it was generated automatically.
  3. Created some buzz for Ingress, which I am not playing as well

On Facebook usage and manner

7 Japanese were killed in a terrorist attack, but to my surprise , none of my Japanese Facebook friends have posted on the subject.

When there is terror attach in Europe, Israel or US, my FB feed is flooded with news, reports, analysis on the same subject. This, thankfully, forces me to take a FB Diet and avoid it a while.

But in the past two days, there is no mention in my FB feed on the Dhaka attack, the Japanese victims. No sad comments, angry statuses, none.

As I definitely can’t analyse this difference, I will just assume my Japanese FB friends would rather not discuss these things “in public”.