Shimon Peres

While watching the Funeral live on TV, wanted to share one quote which was also used in  The Economist’s Obituary 

“There are two things in life that if you really want to achieve, you have to close your eyes a bit, and that is peace and love. With eyes wide open, I’m not sure anybody would fall in love, and I’m not sure anybody would make peace. But when you compare what is better, living in peace and living in love, even if it’s not perfect, is by far the right choice.”  – Shimon Peres 

Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul

Watched on Netflix a documentary about Steve Aoki.

Besides not being a very exciting documentary, it was quite annoying to hear the American pronunciation of “Aoki”.

But what definitely caught my attention was a DJ AM Quote: “Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul”.

Definitely a quote I can relate to (But can I practice?)

New leather project – Long Wallet

While my skills improve, I am a bit frustrated as I do not have all the tools and materials to create a better product.

I am using the wrong sewing material, wrong spacing.
It looks ok, but! I know it can be better.

Maybe in several years I will collect enough tools or I will give up this hobby. Who knows?