Why I will not buy a MacBook Again

Update April 7th

Logic board was replaced. Effectively this is a new computer (except the screen). Obviously, the flash contents was not copied to the new board.

Received the MacBook Pro and could restore it from Backup. It seems to be working ok and I am using it to update this post.

Now, there is another issue that I am discussing with Apple support team.
In my last visit at the shop I also handed them my HDMI and Ethernet Adaptors so they can verify that the system is functional in the same manner I work with.
These accessories were not returned to me yet and will be shipped today to my home.



Since I moved to Japan I have been using MacBooks and MacMini. Several generations of both and a very happy customer.

Last year November, I purchased the new MacBookPro immediately as it came out. Upgraded the processor and memory since I plan to use for work and photography hobby.

All was great till several weeks ago when I noticed that sometimes Battery does not charge. A reboot usually solved the problem so I thought it was a software problem.
But then it stopped charging. Reboot, SMC reset did not work.

First visit Apple Shibuya
Monday. Went, waited, waited. A very nice guy tested, experienced the problem and then explain to me that they don’t have parts, Apple does not keep Parts in their repair centers (!!!).
Which means I have to give my computer and wait till parts arrive and computer fixed.
I did not like it, so we agreed that I will take the MacBook and use it while connected to Power.

From the net I learned that the new MacBook Pro design has limitations: cannot change battery without replacing the cover, SSD is soldered to the logic board
It seems Apple has done some compromises in the design which makes it problematic to service.

The only problem is, it did not work.
Parts arrived.

Second visit Apple Shibuya
Simple, just gave the MacBook Pro

Third visit Apple Shibuya
On Friday (same week) received a call from Apple Shibuya which I could not take. Tried to call, but could not understand what was the problem.
(And here we have another problem, no English phone support in Japan. All calls are routed to Australia which means they don’t know exactly what was wrong with my laptop).

Went to the shop, talked with another nice guy that explained to me that the MacBook was fixed, but during diagnostic tests, they see trackpad issue.
“You would probably won’t notice, but it is a problem we need to fix and we don’t have the parts”.
We agreed again that I will take the laptop, use it with a faulty trackpad and return when the parts arrive.

BUT, next morning (Saturday) I notice the battery does not charge again.

Fourth visit Apple Shibuya
Saturday noon rushed to Apple to give the MacBook.
The same nice guy was there, saying the parts arrive and that it will be fixed immediately and shipped to my office on Monday.
Received a call on Sunday that indeed it was fixed and no error.

Macbook arrive to my office Monday morning, seemed to work, but I noticed once when I plugged power that it was “no charging” before changing to charging mode. Strange.
Next morning, same issue, battery is not charging.

Fifth visit Apple Shibuya
Tuesday morning, waiting for the shop to open so I can give the MacBook and rush to my meetings.
Will not accept anything but a new computer.

If I get a new computer, this will be my last Apple MacBook

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