Wanted to share a story of a whiskey bar, which I feel has passed the line of being unique to the place I feel it is too pretentious for me to visit again.

As I love Single Malt Whiskey, I searched the web for a bar which servers good whiskey. The Japanese web gave very good score to this place, a Whiskey bar.

Entered the place, two customers were sitting on the counter, quite apart from each other so I am guessing they were not conversing. Bartender asked me somebody introduced me to the place, which I said “No”.

Within 5 minutes both customers finished their drinks and left, which gave me a chance to chat with the Bartender.

“we only have unique whiskey bottles, otherwise it is not interesting”

“We do not have Japanese Whiskey”

“We only work with Whiskey collectors”

Obviously, the Whiskey is good, but did not like the tone and conversation style.

About 10 minutes later, a man stepped through the door asking “Is this a Whiskey bar”, which the bartender answered “yes”. The man was chatting with a woman standing outside the entrance and they decided not to enter.

Asked the bartender “you have only Whiskey?” which he answered

“We have anything, but I don’t want this type of customers”

Then it became stranger when the phone rang and the bartender answered ”

“Sorry, we are not open”

And then he went to close the Bar.

When I left (quite early), the Bar sign was “closed” and I felt this is a strange way of doing business.



Good Whiskey . 2 drinks for 3900円 ,  a bit expensive.

Strange behavior and over pretentiousness is an issue for me.

Will not visit this bar again.


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