Laughing at me

Was traveling in Paris last week, with my back-packer clothes, huge Camera bag, Camera on me and a hat. Took the Metro and squeezed in with my bag, when I noticed a guy in front of me is watching me trying to control his laughter. Then he laughed, got up and stood somewhere in the train but continued to watch me .

What was about me that caused him to laugh? Is it about me or about him?
Did I look strange?
Does it make sense that I spent so much time trying to find the reason he was laughing?

It has never happened to me in Japan (or Korea, or Singapore), which was a bit disturbing.

But then it made me realize how easy it is to make us (humans) be concerned about our appearance, about who we are.
It really does not matter what he thought of me or why he found it laughable.

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