Own Less . Part 1

I obviously throw away things once in a while, but as I officially launch my project this is the first time I document it.

Yesterday, May 11, I threw away:

  1. Levi’s T-Shirt. Had a small hole. Shirt was purchased in San Francisco several years ago and was used quite extensively.
  2. 4 Books. 3 are Japanese language books which I do not use anymore. 4th is a “Digital Image Processing” book I used more than 20 years ago while studying for my second degree in Tel Aviv University. Knowledge in the book and techniques are interesting, but in today’s machine learning period, it is considered outdated. I actually did not purchase the book, but it was given (loaned) to me by a friend (Ran Makavy). Did not contact him about throwing away this book, but I assume it is ok.

Another good aspect of this project:
I have 6 more Japanese language study books which I now plan to use to study. Once I finish with a book it will be thrown away as well.

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