Not my day

Sometimes it happens, it is just not “my day”. Everything go wrong, or rather seem to go wrong without any apparent reason.

It happened last week, a rather boring weekend which ended with my flying to Singapore on a Red Eye.

As I was sitting in the lounge, working, drinking Soda, I tipped the Glass and broke it! Fragments flew everywhere, but nobody was injured, just a major embarrassment for me. Also embarrassing for me the fact that I used the wrong work to describe it. In the English and also Hebrew language we use “broken” to describe a broken glass, but in the Japanese language there is a difference between a broken glass, 割れた、to something else, 壊れた。 Hope at least I will remember to use it correctly next time.

After boarding, I tried to minimize space and placed my Rucksack on the suitcase, it felt a bit unstable, and indeed ended falling on my head. Laptop inside, heavy, it was quite painful.

That ended the day. Next day was much better

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