The Stranglers live in WWW, Shibuya

Went to see “The Stranglers” perform in WWW, Shibuya.

But let me start with “Are these really The Stranglers”? When two members continue the band and add new members that sound different and perform different, is it still the same band ?

Will Radiohead be “Radiohead” without Thom Yorke?

It is always fun to go to a concert and remember the old songs, but it did sound to me like a band covering “The Stranglers” . (And asking forgiveness from the members that are there from the starts).

So, I have to say I was disappointed.

My ears hurt when in “Golden Brown” struggles to sync with the keyboards. Song started with the drums, keyboard entered and were out of sync… Drummer struggles to sync which he did, but lost it again several times.

In another song the drums were too strong, but then settled down as song progressed.

Tuning the guitars was messy, talk was bad (but have to admit most artists fail to talk with Japanese … maybe they are concerned they will not be understood).

So, overall enjoyed an evening of two guys from the Stranglers (I know) performing their songs with some people I do not know.

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