Hotel Service or why hotels in Israel are expensive

Was on business trip to both Tel Aviv and Osaka in February. I wanted to write I was surprised to notice the differences in service between hotels, but thinking more about it, it is not surprising, just annoying.

Comparing Tel Aviv Herods to Osaka New Otani:

  1. Price – Herods was 50% more expensive than New Otani !!!
  2. Service – Impeccable in New Otani.
    Quite bad in Herods with several examples:
    a. Room was not cleaned on my first night. Called and asked for towels. Someone came over, just gave me the towels without offering any explanation or apology
    b. Extended one night and paid, without getting a receipt for the payment. They were busy and wanted to serve customer behind me
    c. Breakfast was delayed
  3. When passing staff in the Corridor, I was greeted in New Otani while completely ignored in Tel Aviv. In Herods, the service cart was always next to the elevator even when the staff was not there, while in New Otani staff waited for me to pass before opening and entering the service room

As you can understand, I can go on and on to explain the differences, which makes me think again about different cultures, pricing and what I get back for my money .

Hotel New Otani Osaka, Highly Recommended !!!

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