Leg bouncing/Fidgeting – 貧乏ゆすり

Was thinking about writing this for a while, but an experience I had gave me the motivation to finally do it.

While on a business trip to Singapore, I went to Black Tap at the Marina Bay Sands for Lunch. Sitting on the Sofa, the (Korean) guy in the table besides me kept bouncing his leg. Had two options: to tell him to stop, or to move to a chair. I moved to a chair and started planning what to write this blog post.

In Japan, it is considered a bad habit, one that shows “bad education”. The wiki page for 貧乏ゆすり is not linked to a page in other languages and mentions


Which means vulgarity and bad habit.  The literal translation of 貧乏ゆすり is “poverty fidgeting”.

Did not research, but not familiar with such contempt to fidgeting in other cultures. If we look at the English wiki page for fidgeting  it tries to explain the condition and reasons for it, not judging it

Fidgeting is considered a nervous habit, though it does have some underlying benefits. People who fidget regularly tend to weigh less than people who do not fidget because they burn more calories than those who remain still, which is called Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT).[13] It has been reported that fidgeting burns about 350 extra calories per day.[14]

Living in Japan, I got used to thinking the same way. I notice when people bounce their legs and show nervousness. Was surprised when at a meeting a Japanese customer was bouncing his leg and even discussed it with our partner.

Facebook is broken ?

On both my iPhone and Mac, cannot see updates from Friends, just publishers and subscriptions.

This is not the reason I am using Facebook, so too me less than 30 seconds to close it.

Fight Club

Watching the movie “Fight Club” again, trying to find things I did not see before, without checking the internet.

I must admit, that watching the movie puts me in a strange mood. Which makes it even more interesting to watch.

It is good to watch a movie that affect one, not the standard fluff that I forget after 10 seconds.


Mother language

I keep thinking about “Mother Language” and what does it mean.

Obviously, my mother language is Hebrew, but is my Hebrew better than English ?

Probably yes, but having spent almost 10 years outside Israel I feel my level deteriorates.

Only this morning when I read poetry in Hebrew I felt that there is a difference. That I am not sure if I can enjoy English/Japanese or Spanish poetry in the same way I enjoy in Hebrew.


iPhone Xs Leather Craft case

Got my new iPhone Xs, which means I had to make a new case for it.

This time, a very simple design, little stitching. Which means, I could finish this in less than two hours work.


Me against RDMA

In 2005, I was a a Software team leader in Montilio, a company who tried (and managed) to accelerate File server access, by separating control plane from Data plane and making sure the data is not copied back and forth to CPU memory.

What I did not remember was that we were up against RDMA solutions, a technology I now promote. I still think Montilio had a real cool product, but it could not catch up to the fast pace of CPU and storage development.


Link to PR

And quote from the CEO:

Companies such as Alacritech and Neterion have attempted to alleviate this burden by using Remote Direct Memory Access and TCP Offload Engines, approaches Tsuk says are more designed to accelerate network traffic than make file processing more efficient.




Job Description Fail

Saw this on Linkedin and I am surprised the Job Description was published this way.

Someone took the company template added a title and published it.

Key responsibilities:

  • Max 5-7 bullet points with a small introduction



A week later, this job description was not fixed on LinkedIn.   Good luck hiring “Max 5-7 bullet points”

Leather Craft Lacing

Trying new techniques to improve my skills and variety of designs I will be able to create.

Plan is for a bag decoration.

Took Picasso drawing of a dove, and transferred it to Leather.

Currently reading 暗幕のゲルニカ, a story about Picasso’s Guernica, relationship with Dora Maar, as well as story about a Japanese woman living in New York. This drawing was mentioned in the story and felt this is a good drawing to try. Simple, clear and famous.


Homo Deus in Japanese

Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari was released in Japan.

The ad photo is from the Nikkei newspaper, so I guess it will go on the Best Selling books soon.

I decided not to read it.