Ameba blog changed Icon

Cyber Agent’s Ameba Blogging platform was known for their “Ameba” icon.

Make sense, Ameba Blog, Ameba Icon.   When visiting Cyber Agent I already received “Ameba Water”.

Updating the iPhone application this morning I found out that the logo has changed. Still green, no longer an Ameba.




I kind of miss the Ameba

Train Experiences

Or rather a strange experience I had in the train yesterday.

Took the Yamanote line and as always put my bag on the luggage rack (網棚). Train was not busy, but different, as there were more women with children than the standard crowd. No doubt, the effect of Obon vacation.

Then, a 20 something woman appeared from behind, grabbed the ring (つり輪)I was holding and pushed me aside. Did not say a word, stared at my eyes and bowed.  Push, stare, bow. Push, stare, bow.

Short pants, tiny shirt which shows her navel. Long brown hair in pony tale. Japanese? not sure.

As she was not talking, I decided to do the same. Move aside, stare, say nothing.

People around me were not sure what they were watching, and so do I. At least I know that I do not know her, but the people around me may had other thoughts.

Getting off at my station I was concerned if she will continue and follow me. Already planned to which police station to go and what to say to the cops, but luckily she did not follow me.

She did get out at the station, looking around a bit lost and then I lost sight of her.

Hope she is well, I am a bit shaken.

Google maps – Blurred Gimpo Airpot

As I was browsing Seoul map, I had hard time finding Gimpo Airport. Searching for it, I found it is a grey area with no details. Completely blurred out.

Gimpo blurred

Was thinking it is some kind of security measure, but found out that the satellite imagery is very clear and detailed.

So, what is it ? Security ? mistake ?

Gimpo Satelite

Just for reference, you can see Japan Haneda airpot in Google map


Haneda map

Delaware , Unclaimed property

My parents received a letter from the State Of Delaware, unclaimed property, stating that they have some property of mine (stock).

I think I can guess which stock these are, and I am quite certain the entire claiming process will amount to nothing. Now need to figure out if I have the power to claim it.

-> Which may forces me to contact an accountant of a previous company which does not really exist.


Delaware Unclaimed Property

Matayoshi Naoki won Akutagawa prize

Japanese comedian, Matayoshi Naoki, won the Akutagawa prize.

He won it jointly with another writer, but this story is making waves as it is the first time a comedian wins the award.

Akutagawa prize is the most respected literally prize in Japan, awarded twice a year to the best “serious” literary work. By “serious” meaning a literary work which is usually less accessible to the wide audience. The Japanese language, its beauty and complexity is one of the goals of this prize.

As a side note, Naoki prize is also coveted and it is more “readable” or easier (language wise) than Akutagawa prize.


I am currently reading his book, “Spark”, (Japanese “火花”)but did not form my opinion on it. One thing is for sure, it is not easy for me to read it.


Soumission by Michel Houellebecq

Finished reading the book in Hebrew. Wanted to read in English, but for some unknown reason it is quite delayed compared to the Hebrew version.
(I wish I could read it in French, but that is a different story)

Submission is definitely not what I expected it to be, probably due to hype and marketing of the book.

Describing France in 2022 under Islamic Rule, I expected criticism of paranoia of Islam.
Michel Houellebecq  portrait was on “Charlie Hebdo” cover, depicted as Nostradamus. Again, expected some kind of angry, fearful book.

What I found was something completely different. Eloquently described by Adam Gopnik in the New Yorker:

The literary obsessions are important, since it turns out that the principal target of the satire is not French Islam—which is really a bystander that gets, at most, winged—but the spinelessness of the French intellectual class, including the Huysmans-loving narrator

The charge that Houellebecq is Islamophobic seems misplaced. He’s not Islamophobic. He’s Francophobic.

The narrator changes, he loses his Jewish lover who runs away to Israel. But then again, all his lover eventually run away.
Sex and social stature is no longer available, so he might as well convert to Islam and receive both.

And another quote from The New Yorker

This is not to say that Islam in France won’t continue to be problematic or that the extreme right won’t continue its rise or that the respectable republicans won’t be as fatuously self-destructive as Houellebecq imagines them to be. The next thing is just never likely to be the same thing. The fun of satire is to think what would happen if nothing happens to stop what is happening. But that’s not what happens.


And if it was not clear, I recommend this book

Japanese Men allowance

News site love reporting this.


On Yahoo Japan, but source is Bloomberg

To people outside Japan, it may sound strange. An interesting news bite, but it is actually a very good economic indicator.

Less allowance means less spending on Lunch, dinner, drinking with friends. It means more frugal lunches which is a challenge recently due to price hikes.

When and how will we see the effect on Japanese economy.

Fibre Channel Data Rate

Amazing how marketing can ignore the reality and math.


Fibre Channel Data rate is completely different than the name of each generation.

In the past, 4G FC was 4Gbps, 8G FC was also about 8Gbps.

So how come 16G FC data rate is actually 14.025, 32 FC is surprising 28.05

Refer to the image below which shows future FC technology which continues to ignore math and common sense.

Why not just call it 28G FC , or in the future 56 FC ?


Fibre Channel Data rate

Kindle Voyage

After many hesitations, I decided to upgrade to Kindle Voyage.

A very satisfied Kindle Whitepaper owner, the upgrade to voyage seemed expensive with few benefits.

But I guess my need for new Electronic devices has blinded my reason.

Anyway, I am VERY Happy with the device. Clearer, better, lighter. Currently have little usage for the frame page navigations, but I probably need to use it more.