Email, Instant messaging are a problem

Many (many) years ago I remember being able to focus on a programming tasks for 3-4 hours continuously.

Nowadays, I feel lucky if I can focus for more than 20 minutes. Email pop-ups , messages , “urgent” , “urgent”,  but are these really urgent. When did we become “always available”, “always responsive”.

Need to:

1) Find a better way filter the emails I handle/respond to during the day

2) Educate my colleagues not to “shoot emails” ,be clear and concise


Nexus 9

Considered buying a Nexus 9.

I feel that having only iOS devices is limiting and would like to “break out”, or at least try.


Now, I can’t really do it if Google are out of stock .

Google Play

SoftBank network issues ?

Update: It seems that I passed the 7GB limit which made softbank throttle my access. FIRST time it happened to me. I was sure I had unlimited access.  Guess who is going to switch service provide when he can ?

I am using Softbank Ultra Wifi 4G for over a year with no problem, but I feel it behaves quite bad recently.
I can hardly connect my outlook to the exchange , having problems accessing the web in locations it used to work.

Is it Yosemite or Softbank problem ?
(iPhone 6 effect?)


Energy Monitor – Mac OS

Available from Mavericks, but just “found” it.

As I work outside the office VERY often, this may be the most important monitoring tab for me. Not only the applications which consume a lot of CPU time in a certain time, but the ones which consistently drain my battery.

Google Chrome and Outlook look the main culprits while Apple application are better

Energy Monitor


I find it quite difficult taking photos while on family trips.

No time to relax, to set the camera as I want to, to wait for the right light, right moment.


Nevertheless, two photos from the weekend:




Second one, Long exposure, not Tripod. Was quite surprised it turned out ok. (not very good though)



One can find signs everywhere if he wants to.

Today was “Israeli”, with Israel and Hebrew surrounding me… Or not.

1. Morning show (FujiTV) had an おもてなし (hospitality) lesson to foreigners featuring two Intelligent and fun Israeli girls
2. Had dinner with a Jewish friend and chatted about Jewish holidays
3. On the train back home bumped into a Japanese acquaintance who speaks Hebrew
4. A bit later a girl standing in front of me was carrying a bag with “Tel Aviv” written on it (together with other city names)

So, do I choose to find it symbolic or mark it is an interesting coincidence?

Missing a screw – MacBook Pro

For a while now (more details later), my MacBook Pro trackpad was misbehaving. Constantly shifting, clicks were not recognised.

After researching the web, I found out it is a known problem which can be easily resolved by “tuning” the trackpad screw.

So, I opened my MaBook, removed the battery and to my surprise I found out that the trackpad is floating around with screws missing.

On the left, two screws were present but not connected. On the right, both screws were missing. Found one of them inside the box, but one of them is still missing.

IMG_3770_e IMG_3771_e


How can this happen?

Not sure, but a few months ago I had to go Apple to fix my Macbook after the fan made very loud noise which resulted in Macbook not booting.

Apple replaced the chassis which made my very happy, BUT trackpad problems started shortly after.


1) What caused the Fan issue – a screw , broken plastic or similar – I was never told

2) Is it possible that Apple Service (Genius) failed to assemble my Macbook ?

I will never know.

In the meantime, I reassembled, trackpad works well. … Still missing a screw.

Where can I find one?



Facebook Kansai Dialect

Facebook surprised me this morning with the following announcement.

Does this mean I can customise my Facebook to use Kansai Dialect?

Facebook Kansai Dialect


Not really interested in that, but may be funny for a day or so