Guam Onigiri Seven

Guam is great, but the food is American.

More than 8 years in Japan and it seems my tastes and stomach are not in favor of fat greasy food.
So, you can imagine what a great relief I found in Onigiri Seven, a Japanese food stand which serves tasty and reasonable Japanese food. From Onigiri to Udon, Gyudon and more.

Highly recommended.




A sweets shop was closed yesterday in Shinjuku.
Though I usually don’t eat sweets, the smell of this shop brightened my mornings.
Walking past it, seeing the preparations for the day, smelling the sweet sweet smell.

Afternoons were different. The same sweet smell, this time with people (mostly women) buying something sweet after a long day at work.

Home Made Humus

As one can probably guess Humus cannot be found easily in Japan.

So, I had no choice but to prepare my own. Found receipts in Israeli websites, decided on two which looked good and combined them into one.


Humus – Bought from Basement of Takashimaya Futako Tamagawa – 500gr

Tehina – A Japanese version of tehina which is sweeter. Note to self, bring more Tehina from Israel.

In water for more than 12 hours:

After cooking:


Whale tasting festival


Exactly that!

Posters around my neighborhood (Kawasaki, Japan) announce a “Whale Festival”, goals are :

知ろう - Know

食べよう – Eat

考えよう  – Consider

Not sure what to do about this, but at least I have put it on the web.

Whale Tasting Festival
Whale Tasting Festival

Daewoo Logistics to lease half of Madagascar

From the Financial Times – In the world race for food crops, Daewoo has secured a 99 year lease of 1.3m hectares of farmland as countries are concerned about long-term supplies.

This is a bit scary, and the report also mentions this make create a “neo-colonial” system. What will happen in Madagascar when they get short in food supplies, when prices will Soar in Africa, but remain relatively low in Korea, thanks to these overseas farms.

Enoki mushrooms

Finally, I could find Enoki mushrooms in Israel. The downside is it is imported from China.

Tekoa farms import it; not sure if regularly, and the taste… not bad, but less tasty than Japan.

Enoki Mushroom Israel

Glenlivet 15 Years Old French Oak Reserve

Just bought the above Whiskey, and I enjoy it very much. Smooth and tasty. Sorry for not describing more, but I am not a magazine critic.
My rule is quite simple, if I like it, it is good.
But it turns out other people like it as well. Whiskey Magazine gave it a gold award – Link

Let’s see if my taste buds will be correct with the next Whiskey.


Out of Whisky

Just before my trip to Japan, I have finished my Glenfiddich Whisky Bottle. I was thinking of buying a Japanese Whisky, but haven’t. (Too heavy, liquids in the suitcase, and other lame excuses).

Bottom line, no Whisky for me. Have to buy one soon.


Jamon Iberico

We just love Jamon Iberico.

So, before I flew back, went to El Corte Ingles. They have a gourmet shop, where I bought this wonderful Jamon Iberico. Too bad it didn’t last for more than two days.

Jamon Iberico

Home made Natto

Natto is not available in Israel.
We could find one guy who prepares them at home on demand, and charges a hefty price.

So, Mika decided she can ferment Natto by herself, which she did.
Photo: Delicious Organic home made Natto.