Hedda Gabler – ヘッダ ガブラー

Saw yesterday the play Hedda Gabler at Bunkamura Cocoon theater.

It has been a while since I went to see a play, especially in Japanese.

Obviously missed a few words here and there, but luckily (?!) actors speak clearly, so it was not that difficult for me to understand.

Terajima Shinobu was great, but also enjoyed the stage design, the See-Through Mirror which is used twice in the play. First Scene and last Suicide Scene. The colors and light coming from the windows.

It is good to remember how a good play is much better than a movie.

Less important to mention, I was the only foreigner in the theater, many people watched me, none approached.



ヒヨドリ + Cherry Blossom

ヒヨドリ (Hiyodori) or a “Browned Ear Bulbul” is not that pretty, but I enjoy it, especially during the spring when it visits our garden to drink from the plum flowers.

The photo was taken in Nakameguro area, the Meguro river:




By the way, the Israeli Bulbul is called White Spectacled Bulbul and is much prettier.

Roasted Coffee Laboratory

Roasted Coffee Laboratory is yet another 3rd wave coffee shop in Tokyo.

Great location and space in the Jinnan area of Shibuya. Great space where one can see how they roast the coffee.

Ordered a Jinnan Blend Pour over which was a bit disappointing hence the tone of “yet another”.

Should try it again to form a stronger opinion.




Realise the Potential

“Realise the potential”  is American Express’ slogan in Japan. 

Sounds good, but really bothers me they use “Realise” instead of “Realize”.

As far as I know (and also checked the web), “Realize” is the more common form in the US, so I found it odd that a company called “American Express” uses different spelling

Brompton Cycling in Kamakura

Last week I took a day off to Cycle in Kamakura.
Started a bit late, so arrived there around 11:30AM.

Tourist information center did not have much recommendation as mentioned most cycling will be done in the main (“bus”) roads, and if the weather was warmer they could recommend cycling to Enoshima.
Never the less, received several recommendation and searched for more on the web.

Indeed, Kamakura is rather small and not challenging, but the atmosphere on a weekday and the good weather were wonderful.

A recommended cycling course next to a cycling rental shop:
most rides are 5-10 minutes

When in Kamakura, have to visit the Great Buddha, take photos and watch the visitors take photos:

Kamakaura 大仏


Kamakaura 大仏




Posing for the Camera

Kamakaura 大仏


But obviously, most important is food.

Garden House was a wonderful choice, with good food, atmosphere and welcoming staff:


Brompton in front of the restaurant. I think some visitors took a photo of it as well.


Cycled some more and ended my short trip in Verve Coffee.




10 Albums That Prove 1997 was one of uk rock’s best years

Interesting article from Pitchfork.


As it happens, I was 26, and one of the years I invested a lot of my time and money to listening to music.

For me, the Chemical brothers and Radiohead are the top two and still shine after 20 years.

Also interesting is that I just noticed that Mogwai’s cover has “Fuji Bank” (Fuji Ginko) on it. The bank does not longer exist and this blog post tracks the location of the photo.


君の名 Your name on Japanese TV

The movie “Your Name” was on TV during the new year vacation and attracted a lot of attention and sponsors.

As I am not a big fan of Manga and Anime, I will ignore the movie and story.

What was mostly interesting for me are the TV Commercials that were created especially for the time slots.

The CM that shined in my opinion was from Softbank:

Brompton Cycling

Using my Brompton Bicycle very often.

During my vacation, I travel to different locations in Tokyo (by Train), and cycle around there. Besides enjoying the scenery and good food (which of course I plan ahead where to eat), I really enjoy the experience.

Unfortunately, I realized I don’t take enough photos during these trip.

The following are the two only photos I took from my Asakusa (浅草)area tour.




Sky Tree


Japanese Television – fluff

Watched FujiTV this morning. Every Saturday morning they have their regular show which has a “travel abroad” corner. It is usually a way to promote a specific airline or travel services. This time it was Polish Airlines, destination Amsterdam.

Let’s ignore the fact that there are direct flights to Amsterdam, and focus on contents.

Amsterdam – What comes to mind?
Kracht, boat tour, museums, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Anne Frank and more.

Now what did the TV show presented. Steak Fondue, Sweets, and Miffy  (which is actually in Utrecht).

Make me wonder who is the target audience of this TV show and are they so shallow that Art and history is not important, just Instagram opportunities.

TV shrinks your brain.