Study Kanji with Bowel movement

A new hype which was shown on TV and now accompanies with ads in the train is a Study book for children.

How to motivate kids to study the Chinese Characters, Kanji?   Obviously うんこ, feces, bowel movement, or whatever you want to call it.  is the website which promotes the books and has several examples of sentences to remember the Kanji.


Does not work for me, but definitely caught the attention of the media


Young men, on rudeness

I know it is natural for older people to complain about the younger generation. “In my days, it was different”.

As I did not grow up in Japan, I do not know how it was 20 years ago.

But three incidents this morning make me feel like there is a problem.

  1. Guy in the train, standing behind me, watching his cell phone. Head down, does not try to support himself, but just create pressure on me and other people around
  2. Boarding Marunouchi line, a guy pushed me brutally from behind and then asides just to get a better place to stand in the train
  3. A young man in Tull’s ordered coffee, but eating bread from a plastic bag he purchased somewhere else. Really?


Is it the season ?  is it that I am less patient today? Is it the generation?

Dorothy Parker quote on a Tote bag

A girl in the train was carrying a tote bag with the quote:

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.   – Dorothy Parker

At first I was thinking if Dorothy Parker would have approved this quote to be used commercially on Tote bag, but then I found out that the quote is attributed to Dorothy Parker, but not confirmed. See also in the Quote investigator .

I obviously doubt Wikipedia and the Internet, but I also doubt Tote Bags

One of those mornings

Which I wake up very early, go to the train, but is just does not move.

Stopping before and in each station, waiting for a long time. A ride which usually takes 20 minutes (or 30 minutes when busy), took me more than an hour.

I actually decided to get off the train, work in a nearby Caffe and return to the train later. It was a good decision.


Fall and the four seasons

One of the topics that Japanese like to talk about are the Japanese four seasons.
6 years ago it may have tired me, but now I have accepted (immersed in) it.

Traveling to Singapore/Thailand/Taiwan and seeing only small differences between Summer and Winter I now appreciate the Japanese seasons.

The photo below is Gingko (イチョウ or 銀杏) in it’s splendour.

Gingko Splendour

Donald Keene

Recently watched an NHK documentary about Donald Keene . Putting aside the usual Japanese dramatisation of his story, I was really moved by the person, his efforts and translations.

What really interested me is his translation of Japanese literature and conversations with the writers.  I struggle reading Dazai Osamu and Kawabata Yasunari books, which is not only about the Japanese language, but also the Japanese culture.

Hope it will not take me long to be able to read Japanese classics.


Amazon and iTunes MP3 prices

As I am interested in purchasing “Sleater Kinney” ‘s new album “No Cities to Love”, I checked Amazon Japan,  Amazon US and iTunes for prices.

Can’t understand why:

1. Japanese version has one additional song “The Fog and filthy Air”

2. Price is $7.99 in the US, while ¥1600 in Japan
(According to current currency rate, $7.99 should be ~¥950)

3. iTunes (Japan) is also ¥1600, but no additional song, just a booklet

Screen captures below

Sleater Kinney Amazon US
Sleater Kinney Amazon US


Sleater Kinney Amazon Japan
Sleater Kinney Amazon Japan


Sleater Kinney iTunes
Sleater Kinney iTunes

Japanese Elections

As I can’t vote, I have little to no interest in the elections.

I do however have interest in the process, culture and discussions.

A few observations:

  1. None of my Japanese Facebook friends express their political opinions. This obviously in contrast to Israelis
  2. It is not surprising to bump into candidates in front of the train station talking, but very few people stand to listen (as they rush to work)
  3. The election cars are hilarious . Had an Israeli visitor this week and it took me sometime to explain the concept
  4. TV coverage is as boring as anywhere else in the world
  5. No Political comedy. None!