Tote bag with Bauhaus Logo

My latest and quite simple Leather Craft project. A Canvas Tote bag with Bauhaus leather logo.
A very simple project of transferring the logo to the leather. Just using a pen to transfer was not deep enough, so used stamping tools which added some artifacts in the design which I like

Pen Case

It has been a while since I used fountain Pen.  Ever since I lost my Nakaya pen.

But since enjoy them so much, I decided to try again.

The first step is of course a pen case. Decided to create a pen case for 3 pen.

Why 3?  Because standard pen cases are usually for 1,2, or 4 (or more.

The result is very satisfying, but it adds weight to my bag.

iPhone Xs Leather Craft case

Got my new iPhone Xs, which means I had to make a new case for it.

This time, a very simple design, little stitching. Which means, I could finish this in less than two hours work.


Leather Craft Lacing

Trying new techniques to improve my skills and variety of designs I will be able to create.

Plan is for a bag decoration.

Took Picasso drawing of a dove, and transferred it to Leather.

Currently reading 暗幕のゲルニカ, a story about Picasso’s Guernica, relationship with Dora Maar, as well as story about a Japanese woman living in New York. This drawing was mentioned in the story and felt this is a good drawing to try. Simple, clear and famous.


Call me Avi Choo

Just finished my latest Leather Craft project, a Black leather (Crocodile shaped) Clutch Bag.

What I am proud of:

Overall the design is good, usability and choice of thread color, including the Studs usage.

First time I use studs as a decorative element, and I have a feeling I will do it again with this leather.

What I need to improve:

Accuracy. Even 1mm off when cutting the leather, distorts the bag slightly.   I think most people will not notice, but I do.

Showing the process from the finished bag to the first design phase.


Key Holder leather craft

And at last, a Key Holder.

Always thought it was too easy, but finally decided to use my Cordovan leather.

Not sure why I am using so many colors, I guess it just makes my work more fun. Cordovan is used only for the external part as trying not to waste expensive leather.


Brompton Leather accessory

Saw several samples online so decided to create one by myself.

Started by copying the Brompton Logo from the bicycle using a tracing paper

Cut leather in the right size and transferred the Logo to the leather




Brompton Logo leather dye

Brompton Logo leather dye


And attached to my Bicycle :


ShoeHorn cover

Wanted a portable shoehorn for a while, but did not find the right one.

Finally found one at Loft, so decided to cover it with leather and hang on my bag.

Quite surprised how fast I finished this one, but I obviously did not spend too much time designing.

Shoehorn after detached from the holder

Marked the outline on the leather

Made holes on the contour +2mm

Attached another leather on the back, punched holes again (a mistake) and started sewing.


What the other side looks like

Cut the leather to match the contour

Did not completely close the leather, but still completed sewing to create a nice shape.

Putting it all together


Tumi Bag customization, part 3

3rd customization/change I am doing to my Tumi bag.

As I realized the leather on the handle is breaking and looking bad, decided to replace it. Taking the old leather out was easy, stitching (by hand) another one was a pain and I broke 3 needles in the process.


Old Leather after I took it out. Had glue and some other material

Used the old leather to create the shape.

Marking and cutting the leather

Preparations for sewing

Painful process of sewing

Most difficult part. Needle had trouble going through two layers


Business card holder, Cordovan

First time working with Cordovan leather, and what a fabulous leather it is.

Purchased online from Leathermania  (payment via Amazon) and what a wonderful leather it is.

Made in Japan by Shinki Hikaku , in Himeji, Hyogo. An area that has many tanneries and good leather companies.
As it is rather small (and expensive), decided to make a business card holder. The Cordovan was used for the exterior and main pocket.

Result is quite good, I could improve the side and how it closes, but overall the result is great.