Ricoh GR Camera case

Got tired of the camera case I bought and wanted to change the design a bit.

As always, used paper to design (not in the photos), and thought carefully which parts to sew first.

Could complete it quite fast.

30 minutes for the design, 30 minutes for cutting the leather and varnish. + 1 hour to sewing it all together.

(And time to go to Shibuya to buy some parts)


Watch pouch

As I lost my previous watch pouch, I believe it was during a business trip in Seoul, decided to make one.

Used バネ口  (literal translation from Japanese, spring mouth), clasp (?). Glued silk to the inner parts to protect the watch and sewed it together.

Overall quite simple, with a very good result.

Buying Leather

I need to make a decision if I take another step improving my Leather Craft skills, or just continuing what I am doing now.

Do I make products only to myself, or do I start producing more leather products as presents to friends an family.

Already made a decision I will never try to sell, but for me the biggest difference is wether I continue to buy leather from Tokyu Hands or similar, or do I invest more money and buy better (and more expensive) leather.

Considering buying from Kyoshin . Seems like they have a good product in a reasonable price.

Leather Craft 3 way business bag


It took some courage and planning, but I took the challenge of making my own business bag.

Design was inspired by bags I saw online, but actual final design and implementation was done based on my needs, Laptop size, leather quality and size and some improvisation.

As always, there are some things I would have changed and done differently.

For example:

  1. Leather width – used 1.6mm when I think 2mm was stronger and better
  2. Left some pieces in their rough stage, with raw edges instead of varnishing.


But overall, I am delighted. Still missing the straps, some water protection and will start using it.

Leather Bag

My skills improve as I challenge myself.

This time I decided to make a bag. A simple one.

It started when I attended an event and went with a casual bag which did not fit and I felt I really “need” to have a leather casual bag.

Basic design was taken from a book, but I kept changing it. The cover was changed since I found an interesting leather at Seiwa, Tokyu Hands Shibuya. Another change was using a magnet rather than a strap.

Can’t see in the photos, but I also made a should strap for the bag. It was so easy, it made me think of making my own belts and straps.

New leather project – Long Wallet

While my skills improve, I am a bit frustrated as I do not have all the tools and materials to create a better product.

I am using the wrong sewing material, wrong spacing.
It looks ok, but! I know it can be better.

Maybe in several years I will collect enough tools or I will give up this hobby. Who knows?



Leather Craft

I have recently started yet another Hobby which I really enjoy, Leather Craft.

Not too difficult, a lot of space for creativity and the results are amazing.

I now can’t explain to myself why I paid so much money for brand wallets, Leather business cases and Book Cover.


Leather Craft