The Cure , Fuji Rock

Unfortunately, I could not go to Fuji Rock this year. I tried, enrolled, but lost the draw and decided not to do an overnight bus. I am too old for that.

Watched the concert Live on YouTube. (Thank you Softbank) . It was magnificent.

When the show ended, Robert Smith seemed like he wants to stay on the Stage, that it is difficult for him to part from the crowd. His body language showed emotions, which was very endearing.

I was not the only one noticing it, and he was asked about it in the post concert interview.
The interview has some good news for me as Robert Smith stated he would like to come back to Japan and tour it properly! YEAH!

Love my way

Not sure if I knew this song when I was young, but discovered it last week while listening to Spotify and I can’t just stop listening to it.


The Psychedelic Furs, Love My Way :



Audio Architecture 21_21

Visited Audio Architecture exhibition at 21_21

Was thinking how to describe the experience, but I find it quite difficult.

Music by Cornelius, Graphics, film, animation combined together.

As 21_21 sight says:

The exhibition tries to construct a type of “audio architecture” by repeating the music paired to various films over and over, in the space dynamically designed by Masamichi Katayama (Wonderwall). Please come and discover a fresh perspective on music in the venue integrating sound, video and space.

But I am sure it still does not explain what to expect.

A few photos may help:

21_21 Audio Architecture

21_21 Audio Architecture

21_21 Audio Architecture


Fuji Rock

Another year that I did not go to Fuji Rock.

Thinking about it every year, but the logistics around it discourage me.

Had dinner on Friday and the sommelier told me he is planning to go on the following day on a one day trip.  Actually a good idea, though a bit difficult driving back after a full day at a music festival.

This year, I watched over youtube.


Radiohead Lift cover – Kettles

Found the Kettles through their “Heart of Glass” Cover and found an interesting band of two members, Drums and Guitar.

Love their most recent cover, “Lift” by Radiohead.  Actually, “Cover” is a not the fitting word here as the music is copied, but the lyrics are different.

When Radiohead Lyrics are about being in a safe place, isolated when it is time to come home, Kettles Lyrics are about a new start. Similar in a way, but different.

(Translation below is not complete)



I walked in shoes that cannot run


Cloudy days continue





Time to say goodbye, throw away
Morning is coming




Want to live a life without lies, spread my wings and fly

朝を迎えて そして



Facing a new morning, new days are coming.

Not looking back

The Cure – Sold out

As expected, The Cure 40th Anniversary concert, is sold out.
Planned for July 7 in Hyde Park. Had considered going there, but obviously did not do enough to plan and purchase a ticket.

The Breeders new album

Should I get excited?

All music sites, spin, pitchfork   discuss the new album by the Breeders.

Release is expected March 2nd, with only two songs released.  I like “Wait in the Car” better than “All Nerve”, but I definitely missed Kim Deal’s voice and Bass.

Hope I don’t get disappointed.

10 Albums That Prove 1997 was one of uk rock’s best years

Interesting article from Pitchfork.

As it happens, I was 26, and one of the years I invested a lot of my time and money to listening to music.

For me, the Chemical brothers and Radiohead are the top two and still shine after 20 years.

Also interesting is that I just noticed that Mogwai’s cover has “Fuji Bank” (Fuji Ginko) on it. The bank does not longer exist and this blog post tracks the location of the photo.


Albert Camus , Tuxedmoon , The Stranger

Definitely not a new song, but a song that accompanies me for many years.

One of the best books I have read (multiple times) and one of the best songs I know.

The song actually starts from bullying and being a stranger, with a clear reference to Albert Camus at the end.

MOTHER died today. Or, maybe, yesterday; I can’t be sure.

But then it cuts off to

At the funeral they expected me to cry
Well I didn’t

Trying to bring the conclusion or more “strangeness” into the song.