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Shuri Castle (首里城) was burnt on October 31.

Same day, my photos of Shuri castle peaked on Flickr

Very happy I had the chance to see it in its glory and hope it will be rebuilt soon.

From this simple example, I can just imagine the amount of data Flickr can extract from searches and trend deduction, but I doubt if they do it.
We all know Google do.

Female Photographers

Went to Tokyo Photographic Art Museum and enjoyed “The Time of Photography” very much.

While in the exhibition, I noticed I like better the works of female photographers. Now, I do not know if selection in the exhibition was better, if I have a bias towards female photographers or if they are just better.

First time (that I remember) to see works by Taguchi Kazuna (田口和奈) and Yoneda Tomoko (米田知子). And always enjoy to see works of Kawauchi Rinko (川内 倫子). I also recommend her instagram page.

Ricoh GR III

Ricoh GR III is out and it is great. Played with it a bit at the shop and was quite impressed by the speed, features and image stabilization.
Compared “power to photo” time between Ricoh GR, II and III. GR was slot and it took a while for the camera to take the photo and then to store. While GR II was fast and GR III is slightly better .

Really want to buy the new Ricoh GR III, but as I was thinking about it I realized that I don’t use my Ricoh GR enough and cannot justify to myself buying another camera.

So, planning to use the GR more. Take cameras, improve my “SNAP” technique and street photography. If I use it enough and hit the point that the Technology limits me (stabilization, speed), I may buy the GR III

Nikon Fan meeting 2018

Attended the Nikon Fan meeting 2018 in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Wanted to try out the new Nikon Z Camera, but the queues were too long.

So, went in, looked around, got the brochure and a sticker and went out.

Nikon Z



Nikon Z Series

Kurobe gorge train 黒部渓谷 トロッコ

Not the Dam, the Gorge.

Although it rained on us, it was an interesting experience.

From Unazuki station to Keyakidaira  takes about one hour and 18 minutes. It is a lovely ride, but you have to remember that going back is the exact same route.  When it rains, it is a bit less attractive.

The train:

黒部渓谷 トロッコ


Open car:

黒部渓谷 トロッコ

The view:

黒部渓谷 トロッコ


Buddha Rock:

黒部渓谷 トロッコ


And the rain, which stopped us from hiking around Keyakidaira station.

黒部渓谷 トロッコ


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Traveled last week in Ishikawa-ken and Toyama-ken and also traveled to Shirakawago (in Gifu).

Rain rushed us, but was lucky enough to take some good photos.





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