Selfie Stick

Don’t get it.

Why would people walk on the beach with a selfie stick, taking a video of themselves.

Doesn’t it seems to them too staged? What do they plan to with this video? A memory? Show their Friends?

I do take photos, but seldom of myself. A photo or a video is a good way to remind me of an encounter, a specific event. But I never considered documenting myself walking on the beach.

Generation gap, or generation vanity ?

Dirty Lens

Update May, 31, 2017

According to Ricoh service center, it will cost up to 20,000 Yen to fix this issue. To investigate further they need to ship the camera to the factory, disassemble and clean.  There is a chance that the lens will require replacement. Now, do I want to pay so much money to fix this, or can I still use the camera  ?  Need to decide





Did not process my Ricoh GR photos for a while, and what a disappointment to find that the lens was dirty.
I am sure I can fix it with Photoshop, but I don’t like doing it.

Should take care more and check the lens more frequently.





Photographers at Lake Yamanaka - 山中湖 

I love this photo so much.

The seriousness of the woman photographer, the smug smile of the man with her and the blurred image in the background.

The blurred image belongs to a girl who was walking by herself with a lost look on her face. Fits this photo very well.


Lake Yamanaka  山中湖 October 2015


This Nishi Shinjuku building is about to be demolished.
Too bad as another part of history will disappear







Ricoh GR

Wanted a quality camera for street photography.
Mirrorless, Ricoh GR II, Other…

And then decided to purchase the Ricoh GR, a bit less features than GR II, no WiFi. But much cheaper.

I carry it with me in my bag and expect to take photos (almost) every day.

First photo is the Shinjuku “installation”. It is an area which always has interesting commercials, events.

Photo is not that good; so need to improve the way I use the camera, angles, colours.
Still a lot to learn