I enjoy hearing people telling their stories. In Cafe, restaurants, Bar.

Even during business travel, one can have a chance to meet people and hear the stories.

Everyone have a story. Some are standard, some boring, some interesting and some exciting. It is many times not about the story, but how people tell their own story. Humbly, boastful, facts or spicing it with fiction.

A few stories I heard recently.

  1. A girl who lived one year in Vancouver, had to go back home and have two jobs to help support her family. One standard marketing day job (a bit boring), another working in a bar.
    Story told in English, humbly, facts, not from pain or frustration, not apologizing , a strong woman
  2. The owner of the bar (in Korea), which can speak Japanese, proudly explained why she can speak Japanese (but cannot speak English), story told in a boastful over the top manner, proud face.
  3. Woman during lunch talking with a man, explaining how she ended up working in a translation section of a big foreign company. How she has always been a “freelance” employee, never a formal employee a company. She taught English and then scouted to work as translator. Was this a date ? Were they work colleagues? Could not figure it out. Her story was humble, facts with hidden pride. “I am different”; “I look Japanese, but not really”.  Green shirt, magnificent colorful nails (with green again).





Energy Monitor – Mac OS

Available from Mavericks, but just “found” it.

As I work outside the office VERY often, this may be the most important monitoring tab for me. Not only the applications which consume a lot of CPU time in a certain time, but the ones which consistently drain my battery.

Google Chrome and Outlook look the main culprits while Apple application are better

Energy Monitor


I find it quite difficult taking photos while on family trips.

No time to relax, to set the camera as I want to, to wait for the right light, right moment.


Nevertheless, two photos from the weekend:




Second one, Long exposure, not Tripod. Was quite surprised it turned out ok. (not very good though)


Moral issue?

During my trip in Cambodia, I hesitated with a minor moral issue.

Convenience store personnel was obviously cheating me, charging about half a dollar more than actual price.

I ignored it, decided not to create a on argument, but after I left the store I felt really bad.
I know 50 cents are huge for him and not that significant to me, but it still made me angry.

What would you do?

Some Kindle Books Are Not Available in Japan

I love my Kindle.

I read more, especially on business trips. I do all I can to carry less when I travel, so carrying a book always seems to me like a burden. With Kindle, I could eliminate the problem. Fixed (rather small) size and weight and can carry many books.

Yesterday, I was surprised to find that not all Kindle Books are available to me, since my kindle is associated to  my Japanese address. I am thinking very hard, but still can’t find a reason.

If I can purchase the book (Hardcover) from Amazon and ship it to Japan, how come I can’t buy the Kindle version and receive it over a Wireless connection?

Amazon Kindle Japan Fail

The Long Way to Nanjing

No, I didn’t walk to Nanjing, I flew… but it took a while:

Since there aren’t daily flights from Narita (Tokyo) to Nanjing, I had to connect in Shanghai.

Air China service is reasonable, but the meal… less than reasonable:

Air China Meal

The connection involved going through immigration, getting my luggage and then take a bus to another terminal (told you it was long). The good part was the small Embraer plane:

Shanghai to Nanjing Plane

First Visit to Mainland China

Seems almost impossible, but today I will start my first trip to Mainland China. Have previously been to Hong Kong (twice) and Macao (once), but I am sure this is going to be a different experience.

My trip is to Nanjing (Nankin), in Chinese Characters it is 南京 , which means the southern Capital, which it was in the past. Since there are no daily direct flights to Nanjing, I’d have to connect through Shanghai (on my way) and Beijing (coming back), which makes the trip very long.

My twitter account (@telyas) is the best way to follow my updates and quick pictures I am taking with the blackberry, but I will do my best to update this Blog as well.

Indian Visa Anomaly

As I am planned to visit India next month for business and my previous Visa expired, I visited the Indian Visa Application Center website to understand what I need to arrange beforehand.

As I was browsing, I found a strange anomaly in the Employment visa section:
Visa for Israeli citizens cost 10 (6 months period) to 5 (1-5 years) times than a Visa for US citizens.

I wonder why? Is it because Israeli are richer than US citizens? Do Israeli application requires a different and more expensive process?

See below (and on the website):

India Visa