Lost and Found

Another reminder why I love living in Japan.

Forgot my Camera bag in the train and realized it only 20 minutes later. Rushed to the station and notified the personnel. As always, he was very helpful, calculated where should be the train, called the right office to remove the bag from the train.

As I was betting the bag will be found, I rushed to the last station. On the way there, got notification that the bag was found and that they expect me.

That’s it. Arrived, notified my name, signed a document and got my Camera, several lenses and accessories back.

During the time I was uncertain if my bag will be found or not, I noticed that I am not that stressed out. It seems that even if logically I was worried, I was certain it will be found.

This is my second (or third) experience in Japan, with the same result.  I need to take better care of my bags when I am busy and rushing, but it is encouraging to know that lost and found is so efficient

Tokyo Big Sight

Tokyo big sight always looks to me like a pilgrimage place in the morning. People flocking in, the design of the building.


Tokyo Big Sight


“Israel says”

Not stating any political opinion, but find it odd the way news sites reports about Israel.

CNN has world news:

“Iran’s economy dealt massive blow by trump”

“Rockets fired at Israel from Syria, Israel Says”

The “Israel Says” part is surprising. Wasn’t this verified with independent resources? Has Israel ever lied or fabricated such news ?

Just another reminder that news and history are subjective.


A Photo a day

Trying to get back to Photography, so will try to take and post a photo per day.

Not only taking a photo, but also editing it and posting it takes time. So I hope this will “make me” put more effort and though into it.


First one:



Hiring requirements at Preferred Networks

Bumped into this Blog post and wanted to share :


Researchers must be seitsu (精通, “familiar with” in Japanese) all aspects of computer science.” We have always had this requirement since the times of PFI because we truly believe in the importance of having a deep knowledge of not just one specific branch but various areas when doing research on computer science.

The field of computer science is making rapid progress and we must always pursue its advancement


Information overload

With Facebook, twitter, Instagram, news, Line News and more I feel I have information overload.

It is not only the time spent viewing, skipping, but the amount of Data I am exposed.

Rough estimate, I believe 95% (or more) of it is redundant.

What to do about it?

Disconnect from a source and “risk” missing valuable information (FoMO), or trim the sources.

I am currently trying the second approach. Unfollow/Hide information or sources I feel are less valuable to me.

Obviously, I am sometimes too busy to read/check which means I just ignore all sources for a while. Did not experience any loss or problem with that, so hopefully soon I will be able to disconnect from sources.

Naked Lunch

Not sure why, but had suddenly an urge to watch the movie  “Naked Lunch”.

As I could not find it in the Streaming platform I am using (Netflix, Amazon Prime), decided to read the book.