Fight Club

Watching the movie “Fight Club” again, trying to find things I did not see before, without checking the internet.

I must admit, that watching the movie puts me in a strange mood. Which makes it even more interesting to watch.

It is good to watch a movie that affect one, not the standard fluff that I forget after 10 seconds.


Mother language

I keep thinking about “Mother Language” and what does it mean.

Obviously, my mother language is Hebrew, but is my Hebrew better than English ?

Probably yes, but having spent almost 10 years outside Israel I feel my level deteriorates.

Only this morning when I read poetry in Hebrew I felt that there is a difference. That I am not sure if I can enjoy English/Japanese or Spanish poetry in the same way I enjoy in Hebrew.


Homo Deus in Japanese

Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari was released in Japan.

The ad photo is from the Nikkei newspaper, so I guess it will go on the Best Selling books soon.

I decided not to read it.

Whatever happened to private emails

Was browsing through my gmail accounts and read old emails and realized that I do not get private emails anymore.

It seems most of my communication with friends is done over Facebook and messaging, but I feel it becomes more shallow or maybe even less frequent.

How will my friends respond if I send them emails ? surprise ? Ignore?

I think I will try

Working hard

Thoughts about “working hard”.
What does it mean “to work hard” in the IT world.
Long hours?
What is the definition of “working hard” at a factory :
Physical labor
Long hours
Power harassment?
What is the definition of “working hard” for a farmer?
Is there even a definition for that? Or is its just called work  ?
I thought about it when I saw a newspaper delivery girl (woman?) riding her motorbike in a pouring rain without rain gear, to bring me (and other customers) our evening newspaper.
Did she consider what she did “hard Work” or was it for her “another day at the job”

Lost and Found

Another reminder why I love living in Japan.

Forgot my Camera bag in the train and realized it only 20 minutes later. Rushed to the station and notified the personnel. As always, he was very helpful, calculated where should be the train, called the right office to remove the bag from the train.

As I was betting the bag will be found, I rushed to the last station. On the way there, got notification that the bag was found and that they expect me.

That’s it. Arrived, notified my name, signed a document and got my Camera, several lenses and accessories back.

During the time I was uncertain if my bag will be found or not, I noticed that I am not that stressed out. It seems that even if logically I was worried, I was certain it will be found.

This is my second (or third) experience in Japan, with the same result.  I need to take better care of my bags when I am busy and rushing, but it is encouraging to know that lost and found is so efficient