Whatever happened to private emails

Was browsing through my gmail accounts and read old emails and realized that I do not get private emails anymore.

It seems most of my communication with friends is done over Facebook and messaging, but I feel it becomes more shallow or maybe even less frequent.

How will my friends respond if I send them emails ? surprise ? Ignore?

I think I will try

地球星人 - Update

As previously wrote, read 地球星人 by Sayaka Murata and finished reading.

A bit difficult for me to write a review, as had several phases while reading:

First, felt “yet another book by Murata-san” challenging the accepted society rules. Why does one need to play by society rules, get married, have children, work, transfer the genes to another generation that will do the same.

Then, it became a story of a girl that is abused, while society does not protect her but rather judge.

Last part went crazy, but was it really crazy, or just the writer’s way to shake, to create a feeling of disgust while I was thinking the 3 people are actually trying to establish a new culture, which is not that different from ours.

The heroin struggles with sexual desire, discussing reproduction.

Do not want to disclose the story and ending, but I was a bit disappointed after reading コンビニ人間.


Love my way

Not sure if I knew this song when I was young, but discovered it last week while listening to Spotify and I can’t just stop listening to it.


The Psychedelic Furs, Love My Way :



Working hard

Thoughts about “working hard”.
What does it mean “to work hard” in the IT world.
Long hours?
What is the definition of “working hard” at a factory :
Physical labor
Long hours
Power harassment?
What is the definition of “working hard” for a farmer?
Is there even a definition for that? Or is its just called work  ?
I thought about it when I saw a newspaper delivery girl (woman?) riding her motorbike in a pouring rain without rain gear, to bring me (and other customers) our evening newspaper.
Did she consider what she did “hard Work” or was it for her “another day at the job”

Kanazawa map in Hebrew

(A late post as forgot about it)

What a surprise I had when I found out there is a map in Hebrew of Kanazawa.

As I visited the visitor center to get information, the staff asked where I am from and when they heard Israel they pulled out the map and said there are MANY visitors from Israeli in Kanazawa.

The translation to Hebrew is quite good, which is much more than I expected.


Nikon Fan meeting 2018

Attended the Nikon Fan meeting 2018 in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Wanted to try out the new Nikon Z Camera, but the queues were too long.

So, went in, looked around, got the brochure and a sticker and went out.

Nikon Z



Nikon Z Series

地球星人 By Sayaka Murata

Started reading Sayaka Murata’s  (村田沙耶香)latest novel 地球星人 . Literal translation of the name is 地球 = Earth  星人=Person from the planet.  Interesting combination.

The book was published last week, so only available in Hardcover. Not sure why it is not available in Kindle as previous one.

Looking forward to it, as I enjoyed her last books and the way she looks at our lives, social standards.


Wanted to share a story of a whiskey bar, which I feel has passed the line of being unique to the place I feel it is too pretentious for me to visit again.

As I love Single Malt Whiskey, I searched the web for a bar which servers good whiskey. The Japanese web gave very good score to this place, a Whiskey bar.

Entered the place, two customers were sitting on the counter, quite apart from each other so I am guessing they were not conversing. Bartender asked me somebody introduced me to the place, which I said “No”.

Within 5 minutes both customers finished their drinks and left, which gave me a chance to chat with the Bartender.

“we only have unique whiskey bottles, otherwise it is not interesting”

“We do not have Japanese Whiskey”

“We only work with Whiskey collectors”

Obviously, the Whiskey is good, but did not like the tone and conversation style.

About 10 minutes later, a man stepped through the door asking “Is this a Whiskey bar”, which the bartender answered “yes”. The man was chatting with a woman standing outside the entrance and they decided not to enter.

Asked the bartender “you have only Whiskey?” which he answered

“We have anything, but I don’t want this type of customers”

Then it became stranger when the phone rang and the bartender answered ”

“Sorry, we are not open”

And then he went to close the Bar.

When I left (quite early), the Bar sign was “closed” and I felt this is a strange way of doing business.



Good Whiskey . 2 drinks for 3900円 ,  a bit expensive.

Strange behavior and over pretentiousness is an issue for me.

Will not visit this bar again.


Kurobe gorge train 黒部渓谷 トロッコ

Not the Dam, the Gorge.

Although it rained on us, it was an interesting experience.

From Unazuki station to Keyakidaira  takes about one hour and 18 minutes. It is a lovely ride, but you have to remember that going back is the exact same route.  When it rains, it is a bit less attractive.

The train:

黒部渓谷 トロッコ


Open car:

黒部渓谷 トロッコ

The view:

黒部渓谷 トロッコ


Buddha Rock:

黒部渓谷 トロッコ


And the rain, which stopped us from hiking around Keyakidaira station.

黒部渓谷 トロッコ


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Traveled last week in Ishikawa-ken and Toyama-ken and also traveled to Shirakawago (in Gifu).

Rain rushed us, but was lucky enough to take some good photos.





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