Starbucks Roastery Tokyo

Did not go inside, as Sakura season during the weekend is definitely not a good time for that.

This blog is about a mistake in the address on official Starbucks website. Megruro instead of Meguro. I wonder when they will notice the mistake and fix it .

Starbucks Roastery 中目黒
Starbucks Roastery 中目黒

Ricoh GR III

Ricoh GR III is out and it is great. Played with it a bit at the shop and was quite impressed by the speed, features and image stabilization.
Compared “power to photo” time between Ricoh GR, II and III. GR was slot and it took a while for the camera to take the photo and then to store. While GR II was fast and GR III is slightly better .

Really want to buy the new Ricoh GR III, but as I was thinking about it I realized that I don’t use my Ricoh GR enough and cannot justify to myself buying another camera.

So, planning to use the GR more. Take cameras, improve my “SNAP” technique and street photography. If I use it enough and hit the point that the Technology limits me (stabilization, speed), I may buy the GR III


Last night I got introduced to one of Matsuo Basho famous Haiku.

Sad and embarrassed I was not introduced to it earlier.

旅に病んで 夢は枯野を かけ廻る

Translation can be found here

Some think it is a farewell poem from journey and maybe from life. I felt the same first time I read it. Ora rather the second time, since I did not fully understand it in the first time.

Which reminded me that Haiku contests are on Japanese prime TV. Maybe one of the few places in the world that put poetry in such focus.

Love it

Tote bag with Bauhaus Logo

My latest and quite simple Leather Craft project. A Canvas Tote bag with Bauhaus leather logo.
A very simple project of transferring the logo to the leather. Just using a pen to transfer was not deep enough, so used stamping tools which added some artifacts in the design which I like

Fish out of water

As I live in Japan, I keep looking for Japanese when I travel. I obviously don’t contact them nor say anything, but I do look for the “comfort” of seeing and hear Japanese.

Does this make sense?

Anyway, what I noticed that most Japanese men appear to me like a “Fish out of water” in an environment that they cannot speak the Language, do not know the manners.
I believe all of us are, but I felt it stronger from Japanese Men, not Women.

Two examples:
1) Orsay museum restaurant – a Japanese guy was trying to pay at the exit when he should have paid at the table. The way he walked about, not sure what to do felt painful to me.

2) Jacque Genin – When I approached the place saw a guy hanging outside taking a photo but not entering. I did and after several minutes he entered as well mumbling something, looking for a Japanese speaker (which there was). Again, the way he entered the place and the look on his face was like a Fish out of water

Is it the language barrier? Is it something else?

Laughing at me

Was traveling in Paris last week, with my back-packer clothes, huge Camera bag, Camera on me and a hat. Took the Metro and squeezed in with my bag, when I noticed a guy in front of me is watching me trying to control his laughter. Then he laughed, got up and stood somewhere in the train but continued to watch me .

What was about me that caused him to laugh? Is it about me or about him?
Did I look strange?
Does it make sense that I spent so much time trying to find the reason he was laughing?

It has never happened to me in Japan (or Korea, or Singapore), which was a bit disturbing.

But then it made me realize how easy it is to make us (humans) be concerned about our appearance, about who we are.
It really does not matter what he thought of me or why he found it laughable.

Amsterdam Museum online ticketing

Did not plan well for my Amsterdam visit as trusted my memory and the fact that it is a friendly and English speaking city.
To my surprise I found out that almost all museums are selling tickets and reservation online. Which means you can’t be spontaneous and go to the Museum.

I visited Anne Franke house before, but wanted to see it again. To my surprise I found out that the reservation system has a long waiting list, which meant I could not visit.

Screenshot attached below.: