Racist Comments on E-Online

For those of you who watch “The Amazing Race”, you probably know by now that Tammy and Victor (my favorites) won.
E! Online published the story, and one racist reader decided to write a comment (#3). I reported it, and I am sure many other did while other responded.

But, it takes E! online FOREVER (more than 10 hours) to remove the comment.


NTT DoCoMo to stop "Push To Talk" Services

docomo_logoJapanese Mobile operator NTT DoCoMo announced that “Push to Talk” services will stopped next year.

“Push Talk” services will not accept new application from end of September 2009, while the services will be halted completely end of September 2010.
As cell phone usage in Japan is mostly about data (emailing, browsing), “Push Talk” seems like a service that is unlikely to be popular. While I don’t have exact figures, I can’t imagine people standing in the street receiving a “Push Talk” message.

Alvarion Q1,09 report

Alvarion Logo

Alvarion released today their results for Q1, 09.

I don’t want to repeat the press release , but comment:

“We achieved results within the range of our guidance. This was attributable to a combination of revenue recognition related to earlier shipments and decisive steps to reduce operating expenses since shipments and order intake were below our expectations”

Everyone knows the trick of shipping equipment at the end of the quarter to get them recognized as revenues, but I am not sure what are the decisive steps that reduced operating expenses. Do you mean the lay-offs?

“However, we expect revenues in Q2 to be sequentially lower because we will have less revenue to recognize from shipments made during previous quarters compared to Q1”.

OK, saw that coming from the previous quote.

” we have an overall backlog of orders plus unrecognized revenue from prior shipments totaling over $100 million”


“we are well positioned to take market share from weak competitors”


Overall, quite good, isn’t it?