Page Download Time

Google Webmaster tools provide great statistics on page Download time.

As it seems from the following graph, download time for a page on my website was quite bad in June but then improved significantly in July.

website download time

Possible reasons:

  • Godaddy hosting improved in July.
  • I am using both Google Analytics and Woopra to track traffic, it could be that one of them has slowed my website down

Will monitor this further.

Israeli WiMAX Map

Trying to collect a list of all companies and Start-Ups in Israel developing WiMAX Silicon/Systems as well as in the WiMAX Eco-System.

  1. Intel – WiMAX R&D center is in Israel (result of Envara acquisition).
  2. Runcom – Develops MS and BS Silicon as  well as Systems.
  3. Altair Semiconductor – 4G silicon for LTE, WiMAX and XGP.
  4. DesignArt Networks – WiMAX BS Silicon as well as backhaul solution.
  5. Alvarion – WiMAX Systems.
  6. Airspan – WiMAX Systems – Biggest R&D center is located in Israel.
  7. Comsys Mobile – WiMAX, LTE MS Silicon.
  8. WiNetworks – WiMAX Systems.
  9. Gilat – Resell WiMAX Systems (By Airspan).
  10. Ceragon – Mobile backhaul.
  11. Redbend – WiMAX device Management.

Alvarion CEO resigned

Alvarion Logo

Tzvika Friedman, Alvarion (Nasdaq: ALVR) announced his resignation on the same day the company announced 2009 Q2 results. Coincidence?

To me, it is very surprising that a CEO and a president steps aside without the board announcing who will replace him. Market reacted to both results and resignation with a 16% plunge in the share price to $3.96, bringing Alvarion Market Capitalization to about $250M.

Israeli financial website Calcalist published their analysis and history of the company.  Main highlights:

  1. 9 years after NASDAQ IPO Alvarion fails to become profitable
  2. Failed Interwave acquisition for $56M, later sold, which resulted in a major loss.
  3. Cisco preferred to buy Navini Networks over Alvarion. (My comment: Not sure how successful was the Navini acquisition)
  4. $0 Dividends
  5. -89% Share price
  6. Since IPO, Accumulated loss of $183M

I think Alvarion has the right products for their market, but will they ever become profitable?

Cisco certified a WiMAX USB device, or did they?

WiMAX Forum’s certification showcase features a Cisco WiMAX USB device, which made me think that Cisco is still investing into their WiMAX business unit.

However, browsing further reveals that the device looks the same as Seowon Intech’s device and GCT device. All devices were certified in Korea by TTA.

I think Cisco could at least invest some time and money in re-designing the entire look and feel of the device with Cisco colors.

UQ WiMax MVNO – Bic Camera

Bic Camera has recently announced participation in UQ WiMAX MVNO program. However, in a recent visit to Bic Camaera in Shin-Yokohama, I couldn’t find any reference to WiMAX, which made me investigate more into Bic Camer’a WiMAX offering on their website:

Bic Camera WiMAX Banner is at the bottom of the page, under Emobile, OCN and other promotions.


The plan details are fairly simple as they follow UQ WiMAX price plan, the UQ Flat at 4480 Yen per month. Additional 2835 Yen are required for registration (it still kills me to pay registration fees everywhere I go in Japan):


Now, this part is getting annoying. Bic Camera offer only one device (?!), the BDSS01, by Shinsei Corp, which I can just guess it is the same device used by UQ (UD01SS) with a different name and package. Device price is 12,800 Yen (!!!).


It doesn’t really feel like Bic Camera are pushing this device, no promotion, no benefits. I don’t see anyone interested in WiMAX getting it from Bic Camera, so why bother with the MVNO program?

WiMAX is leading, at least in Google Trends

Following the recent LTE press releases, I decided to revisit Google Trends and see how WiMAX is doing.

WiMAX search term is still leading over LTE.  I don’t find it surprising that Pakistan and Malaysia are the leading regions for WiMAX searches as there are real deployments there, while in South Korea LTE is gaining some ground (but still only about half of “WiMAX”).