“My Man” /私の男

“My Man”  (Japanese: 私の男 , watashi no Otoko), won the “Golden George Prize”  for best film.

As it happens, I watched the movie last week (before the announcement 😉 ) .
The Good:

The acting,  Nikaido Fumi, Asano Tadanobu and Kawai Aoba were great. Was mostly impressed with Kawai Aoba. A relatively small part in the film, but strong impact. Nikaido Fumi played her part very well, childish in parts, seductive in others.

The Not So Good:

Left the cinema feeling disappointed, last part of the film ended too fast and not clear. While spending a lot of time in Hokkaido, The Nature and murder (?) in the snow, Tokyo life were quite short.  Could be that the movie follows the book, but it did not feel right.


My take:

1. Going to read the book
2. Although I found Kawai Aoba to be very interesting as an actress , her blog is quite boring


謝罪 – Apology

Japan has some fixation with Apologies.
Although “sorry” is used quite often, an apology , bowing down is respected.

Recent sexual harassment story was followed with an appropriate (?) apology , covered extensively in news reports this morning.

To me it doesn’t look real, especially when he denied all accusations for several days and seen smiling going out from the room.

This reminded me a movie I saw (on a plane) called 謝罪の王様 (”The Apology King”), of an apology expert helping his customers getting away from their mistakes/misdeeds.




Moral issue?

During my trip in Cambodia, I hesitated with a minor moral issue.

Convenience store personnel was obviously cheating me, charging about half a dollar more than actual price.

I ignored it, decided not to create a on argument, but after I left the store I felt really bad.
I know 50 cents are huge for him and not that significant to me, but it still made me angry.

What would you do?