Kindle Voyage

After many hesitations, I decided to upgrade to Kindle Voyage.

A very satisfied Kindle Whitepaper owner, the upgrade to voyage seemed expensive with few benefits.

But I guess my need for new Electronic devices has blinded my reason.

Anyway, I am VERY Happy with the device. Clearer, better, lighter. Currently have little usage for the frame page navigations, but I probably need to use it more.



Banana Yoshimoto’s “Kitchen”

Banana Yoshimoto’s “Kitchen”┬áis probably the first Japanese book I read (in Hebrew).

Could not remember it very well, so decided to read it again, this time in Japanese.
While reading, I realise that I can’t remember it at all. Why is that ?

Like her writing style , but I am always surprised that there are still grammatical structures I struggle with.

->Then I opened my Kid’s Japanese text books and realised that I still have a lot to study.

There is very little information about Yoshimoto’s private life and I can imagine I can bump into here in a Cafe, not realising who it was.