Wagamama College

The Japanese band Wagamama College (わがままカレッジ) has a very nice promotion concept.


Based on their Song , 可愛い子はだいたい彼氏がいる (Cute Girls usually have boyfriends), they opened an instagram page , singing their song and a cute girl tells them if she has boyfriend or not. Actually, it seems that most girls don’t have boyfriends.

Donald Keene

Recently watched an NHK documentary about Donald Keene . Putting aside the usual Japanese dramatisation of his story, I was really moved by the person, his efforts and translations.

What really interested me is his translation of Japanese literature and conversations with the writers.  I struggle reading Dazai Osamu and Kawabata Yasunari books, which is not only about the Japanese language, but also the Japanese culture.

Hope it will not take me long to be able to read Japanese classics.


iPhone 6s dual source A9

I smell trouble.

According to Macrumors , TSMC manufactured A9 consumes less power than Samsung’s A9.

Very surprising as I would have expected Apple to figure it out before going to manufacturing, so either:

  1. Apple had no choice but use both vendors
  2. They did not know

I don’t own an iPhone 6s yet, but I would definitely prefer the TSMC A9.


On Marketing photos

As an amateur photographer,  I am always concerned about alignment.  Of my photo subject, of the surroundings. Many times (and I blame my glasses) I am not happy with the photo and edit it later with Lightroom.

As I was reading a technical article on hpcwire, I found myself spending more time looking at the marketing photo than the article. How come the Server is not straight? Is it on purpose? Were they trying to highlight something ? Or is it just a bad marketing material?


Judge for yourself