Home Made Humus

As one can probably guess Humus cannot be found easily in Japan.

So, I had no choice but to prepare my own. Found receipts in Israeli websites, decided on two which looked good and combined them into one.


Humus – Bought from Basement of Takashimaya Futako Tamagawa – 500gr

Tehina – A Japanese version of tehina which is sweeter. Note to self, bring more Tehina from Israel.

In water for more than 12 hours:

After cooking:


Whale tasting festival


Exactly that!

Posters around my neighborhood (Kawasaki, Japan) announce a “Whale Festival”, goals are :

知ろう - Know

食べよう – Eat

考えよう  – Consider

Not sure what to do about this, but at least I have put it on the web.

Whale Tasting Festival
Whale Tasting Festival

Video Clip (PV) using SLR Cameras

This is not a first, but I experienced it myself last night.

As I was attending last night’s Geeks on a Plane event, the adjoining space was being used to shoot a Promotional Video (PV) for an unknown (didn’t ask their name) band.

3 DSLR cameras were being used with different lenses (from wide angle to Zoom).

Here are the Photos:




And a Video:

Open Network Lab with HootSuite

Open Network Lab is a new incubation lab for Internet based Startups.

I joined last week’s meeting with Ryan Holmes, HootSuite CEO and Japanese Shinnichi Fujikawa, founder of Movatwi.

Open Network Lab goal is to encourage innovation and Internet based Start-Ups, which may explain the 40 minutes long panel on “How Engineers can start Companies”.

HootSuite recently launched a Japanese version of their service,with the aid of Digital Garage which is heavily invested in the Twitter phenomena and related tools/services.


To me it seems Open Network Lab is the right tool for the current economic and social situation in Japan. In the past few months I have met many Engineers, Innovators excited to start their own companies, but fail in two things:

  • How to market their services to the mass market
  • How to go Global