News report – or are reporters biased

Was watching BBC world news report on an Anti-Coup rally in Bangkok when the reporter said something that annoyed me:
“It will be very interesting to see how long the army will allow this rally”

Translation (by Avi): “I really hope the army will intervene. It will look great on TV”

I may interpret it wrong, but it did sound to me like the reporter wanted something to happen, to be able to report a conflict, to be in the news.

Just in case, let me tell you how I would have reported it : “As this rally is illegal, there are concerns on the army actions”.

Army dispersing a demonstration is not “Interesting”.


P1 WiMAX deploy WiMAX services in Malaysia with Alcatel-Lucent equipment, offering both Broadband access (up to 2.4Mbps downlink) and VoIP services.

They do seem to generate a lot of hype in Malaysia, and I hope they will be successful, but please note: Deployment is Fixed, targeting home and Businesses with a CPE!, not USB or expensive mobile phones.

What I like about P1 is the accessibility and usability of their website, besides their GREEN logo, it is very clear: which plans are available and coverage maps are excellent:

Sasson family, Hong Kong and Anti-Semitism

While waiting for my flight in Hong Kong Airport, I have decided to search Google for the term “Sassoon Hong Kong”. To my surprise the first link returned is an article on the Sassoon family and Opium drug trade.

Now, it is true that Sassoon family was involved in that, and it should be condemned, but the article “smells” of Anti-Semitism and belongs to White Nationalist (Racist GRoup). Quite appalling!

How do I complain to Google about this? – Link is not provided as I do not want to promote them.