Pros of Wireless Backhaul

It is reported (in Hebrew) that a tractor tore several optical fibers, causing communication problems in Jerusalem.

ALL Cellular services as well as Internet access are still affected.

These kind of “accidents” have a higher probability in Israel than US or Europe, but still make me think that wireless backhaul is a MUST, at least for redundancy purposes.

UQ selects Mformation to support Advanced Mobile WiMAX Service

Press release is out.

UQ selected Mformation to provide Device Management activation and provisioning. When considering UQ Communications business plan of being an access provider to several MVNO, this plan and press release make a lot of sense. UQ would like people to buy WiMAX Mobile Subscribers without a contract, and then activate it online.

Their selection of Mformation was probably quite easy, as Mformation are without doubt the market leaders of Mobile WiMAX Device Management.

Nokia E71

Just go a Nokia E71 (white one), which people claim it has the “Oligarch look”. Extremely happy with it, as it connects very well to the internet, Browser is good and has a decent music player; Already synchronized to my Exchange Server,but still could not get the GPS to properly work, but I am sure it will.

So happy I didn’t fall into the iPhone trap, i.e. having something really cool, that doesn’t really fit my needs.

A quick search found a similar (more lengthy) review by Joel (Joel on Software). He also likes it – Link.

Google's Android

Played a bit with Google’s Android Mobile Platform.
Looks OK, seems to work, the eclipse Plugin is OK, the simulator actually works, though I experienced a few glitches.

BUT, Can Google really have success with this one? I doubt it, iPhone User interface is 10 times better, Symbian is out there for a long time, Windows Mobile is De-Facto operating system for Smart phones. I believe the answer is NO!

And one more funny thing, if you search for “Android” in Google, the first result is “Open Handset Alliance” web site. Did they tweak it, so it looks like it is really an alliance?