Ainori #342

I am not attempting to compete with Sylvain Bouchard.

It is just that last night we watched Ainori on TV. (Instead of waiting a few days, downloading, and watching on the computer).

We really enjoyed it.

What a mess continued

Air France managed to destroy my trip to Japan.

Austrian Airlines flight was late out of Tel Aviv. I was sitting in the plane wishing I will make my connection to Paris, as I really didn’t want to stay in Vienna.
A few minutes before we landed I was notified that all connections were confirmed. I rushed to my gateĀ  only to find out the flight is delayed.

Again, stress, sitting in the plane wishing I can make the connection. About 10 minutes before we landed the stewardess notified that we will not arrive on time. However, just as we were on the way to gate we received another announcement. The connection to Tokyo is possible. I ran out of the plane. A ground team was waiting with a sign without my name on it. Although I checked-in 24 hours before the flight, I was not on the list. But, it didn’t matter as we were told a minute later that it is too late.

I spent the night in IBIS hotel next to the Airport. My flight was planned for the next day at 10:30 AM. I boarded the plane… YEAH… on my way to Japan.

If you think that my misfortune has ended, think again. My luggage didn’t arrive!
It is now 36 hours after I have landed, and still no news.

I am so angry and tired.

Thank you Air France for making my flight and arrival to Japan so miserable.

What a mess

I am on my way to Japan.

Air France called me earlier today, and told me that my flight from TLV to CDG was delayed. Which means, I will miss my connection to Tokyo. (NRT).

I rushed to the airport, and Air France gave me alternative route to CDG. Austrian Airlines to Vienna, then another flight to CDG, which will allow me one hour connection to NRT.
Now, the mess doesn’t end. I forgot (and nobody reminded me) to mention the fact that I have a connection flight to NRT, therefore, my luggage will arrive to CDG and will wait for me on the belt.
Fortunately, on my way to the duty free I noticed that I made mistake, ran back to the Check-In counter, forced them to retrieve my luggage and re-tag it to NRT.

Now, I have to pray that my flight to Vienna will arrive on time, the flight from Vienna to CDG will arrive on time, and I will get to my flight to NRT. Who knows, maybe my luggage will arrive as well.

I had no time to argue with Air France. (They should pay for what they put me through) .I will do that on my way back or after I arrive to Israel.

Flying from Israel to Japan

This week we are flying to Japan.

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Israel to Japan.

There are basically two options:

  1. Flight to Europe (4 to 5 hours) , hopefully a short connection (2 hours) and then a flight to Japan (~11).
  2. Flight with El-Al to Hong Kong/Thailand (~11 hours), connection (2), flight to Japan (5).

El-Al cannot fly over Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan…), therefore the flights to Hong Kong and back are a bit longer than what you should expect.

Price: Cheapest flight (return) is about 1250$. Assuming you are only staying for about a week or two. If you stay more than a month, the price jumps to around 1400-1500$.

Having spent time explaining about the technicalities, I can now write what we are doing: Mika and Roi will fly through Hong Kong (El-Al JAL), and I will with Air France (Via Paris). Complicated, isn’t it? But, that’s the best combination we could find. (price/timing wise).

A Journey to the Levant

I have just started this blog, for only one intention: Sharing photos and information with my family and friends. I hope you enjoy.

Why Levant? – Levant == EAST. You can get more information here.